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Hollywood on skis List top 10 worse ski movies

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We have all done it,so admit it You have sat and watched some really bad ski movies up out by Hollywood.It's now time to fess up to some of the all time worse ski movies you have ever watched.
My pick, Aspen Extreme.There was a Beach Blanket Bingo type movie with Annette and Frankie set in Mammoth or Tahoe Anyone remember the name of that movie? and LM has already told us about Icebreaker,There has to be more out there?
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Ski Patrol.
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Johnny Tsunami ...... Walt Disney

Soft fuzzy warm and cuddly boarders are harassed by the EVIL, WICKED ..... SKIERS who are all preppy snobs.....

This has been on the kids channel at least thirty times a week for the last two years.
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10. Aspen Extreme - I especially like the part when the Dexter Ruteki mannequin gets t-boned in the avalanche.
9. Johnny Tsunami - Sweet.
8. Fire and Ice - The stretch-suit-fire-hoop-jumping-dorks gotta go!
7. Ski Patrol - I gotta admit that when they gave the Director the "growth pills", it was pretty funny.
6. The World is Not Enough (007) - How many vertical feet WAS that run anyway?
5. Aspen Extreme - worth a second mention when TJ spends like five minutes under water at the bottom of a crevasse. Tough nut though, got out of it with only a cut on his melon.
4. Hot Dog: the Movie - yes it's a classic. I know this. Still pretty bad though. (I like the gratuitous boob shots)
3. Ski School - Really, really bad. But once again we got boobs. So it's not quite the WORST.
2. Ski School 2 - Anything worth doing is worth doing badly twice!
1. Hmmmmmmmm. Um. Yeah. Aspen Extreme. It sucked. The story sucked. The skiing was OK. The wrong guy died. What happened to the van after they moved into the box-car? Was the score at the end even legal? If I was Hans, I'd protest and keep my dang trophy! Why didn't TJ meet Hans in the parking lot after the "locker room incident"? Why didn't Hans knock the crap out of TJ for low-crawling his lesson? What do Iron-360's have to do with powder 8's? The Director was an Austrian named CARL? (pronounced CAHL.) Be more typical! You could SEE where the heli dropped TJ and Dex off at the summit of the mountain! They didn't HIKE that s***! W-E-A-K S-A-U-C-E.

Anyway. Most of the other movies I've seen were pretty cool.

Oh yeah. ICEBREAKER was pretty awful. I would probably take Hot Dog off this list and replace it with Icebreaker. Sean Astin as a "tough" Ski Patroller guy? Sorry. Thanks for playin'.

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Can I nominate the worst ski book? Anybody remember the classic tongue-in-cheek X-rated:

"Snowballing - Diary of a Ski Instructor" by Frank Covino (circa 1980)

Tom / PM
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I can't believe nobody remembers 'Snow Job' with Jean Claude Kelly. It came out a couple years after the Grenoble Olympics & had a scant plot leading up to Jean skiing through some extreme terrain (which was really unique back then). The movie started out with Bondish scanning of a shapely figure during the opening credits except the shapely figure was a pair of Head Kelly 800s.
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Hey, I like some of those movies, because they were sooooo real! Aspen Extreme was a great movie because those guys were from Michigan, where I am from, and they rocked! Ok, it sucked...
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I remember "Snow Job"...Killy jumps outta the gondola...the other guy makes a pretty good snowmobile jump!
What was the one with Sandra Dee...had James Brown singing "I feel good in the lodge"?
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I didn't realize that James ever sang a song called "I Feel Good In the Lodge"!!!
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