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Alpental this weekend

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It's getting close to the end, so an FYI for Seattle area skiers and boarders...
-This Saturday is passholder appreciation day (Free lunch for season pass holders)
-Lots of new snow (over a foot since last Sunday).
-They'll decide on Saturday whether to stay open for next weekend also (depends on the number of folks who show up this saturday)
-I'll be there along with 1 or 2 others for both Sat and Sun.
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I was thinking of going up this weekend for one last day, but..

Is there anything at Alpental for us mid- low-level intermediates? I don't do cliffs, and I'm really only comfortable on groomed blues that aren't too steep.

Otherwise it's the longer drive to Crystal.
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man, are you Bill Nye the Science Guy?

if so, man, that's a GREAT show.

if not, man, it's STILL a great show.

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No, not Bill nye, although he did a show in my lab once long ago.

I can tell I'm not Bill Nye by looking at my bank account.
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Yes there's some stuff even for flat-out beginners over on the St Bernard chair. Intermediates: take the Bernard, Sessel chairs, plus the Cat track down from the Armstrong Express. DO NOT go up to the very top via Chair 2 (which you access after getting off of the Armstrong Express) and you'll be fine.
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For those going to Crystal there is a pig roast and kegger in Greenwater (At the Fire Station Community hall I believe.)
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Missed this past weekend at Alpy. Hoping they stay open for one more so I can make it up. After 10 days on the road skiing in BC, 3 days in WHistler and then 54 holes of golf in two days my back finally gave me the ultimatum, so I needed rest this past weekend.
Pray for one more at Alpy!!!
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There were enough paying customers on Saturday, so
your wish has been granted.
Alpental will be open this weekend also (April 27,28) - (Hope that the rain stays away.)

PS: The view from up top on Saturday was a keeper memory. Looking down on the clouds/fog that filled the valleys, leaving all the surrounding hilltops/peaks exposed to the sunshine. We could see south past Rainier and all the way north to Baker.

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Alright! Another weekend without having to earn the turns. Last Saturday's crowd was pretty thin (It looked like it was going to rain, but we had snow instead) , but Sunday went nuts in the afternoon with a huge crowd, so... Alpental is going to be open this weekend for May 4& 5.
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