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Honey it wasn't my fault but I was driving the car home and I had a little accident ....

(happened to me more than once!
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Ghost .... for the guys

What's this diaphragm doing in my handbag, I thought it was in my .. ??

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Another one for th guys.. "so, I talked to my mother and....."
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For the guys
Something you don't want to hear,
then reach a point in life its great to hear
and later in life hope never to hear again.

Honey, I'm pregnant.
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Boy... You in a heap of trouble...
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Git me a switch!
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um, Trekchick? Are you trying to tell us something about your preferences?
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Wait till your Father gets home.
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"M'sieur, do you 'ave feeling in your fingers? Your toes?"
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OK since I have kids now {walking in the door}

"Alright, now tell daddy what you did ..."
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I dropped the soap..pick it up.
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Ma'am, is this your kid.......
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You have the right to remain silent...
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It looked dead....
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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post
Richie, just to ease your mind a bit, it's SOP to burn off fuel prior to landing when you have to return ....

Most flights take off above gross landing weight and dumping fuel sure beats collapsed main gear when you touch down.

Oh I know, the pilot explained we were too heavy to land, as everyone was panicking. The flames shot out at about 1 hr into flight....we were at cruising altitude lights were out and the movie was already on.
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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post
Ghost .... for the guys

What's this diaphragm doing in my handbag, I thought it was in my .. ??

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[from my inner voice] I don't remember eating corn... [/from my inner voice]
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From your broker: "You know those retirement funds you had?"

From a highway patrol officer on your doorstep: "Are you Mrs. B?"
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Thank you, that was a nice evening (she said while offering her hand to shake).
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"The rabbit died" ...........

If you know what I'm talking about you are probably over the hill and don't have to worry about that stuff anymore.

The old pregnancy test was to inject a rabbit with the urine of a woman ... and ... if the bunny kicked the bucket, you were preggers.

PETA anyone?
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"Wow, you taste just like your brother"

"Hey man, y'know those skis you let me use for the day?"

"I THOUGHT there was gas in it..."

"Hey, there's your ex on the bar!"

"Sir, for each of these rounds of drinks you were charged an additional $35 in overdraft fees."

"Aw, dood- you ATE that? Did you see the date???"

"This is a STICKUP!"
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Did anyone mention

"Will the defendant please rise?"

that's a good one or

"We're from the government and we're here to help" and the corollary

"Mr soandso, it's the police, open the door we have a few questions for you"
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"Your card has been denied."
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hey honey, hold my purse.
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Alta opens to snowboarders
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Taos OPENED to Snowboarders.
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"What happened to that condom?"
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"Son, remember last year when your mother & I told you that you were adopted? Well, it's a little more complicated than that! .. "

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