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What is your view on ski suits?

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I am curious to know what the international view is on ski suits, aka one pieces.

I have just had a couple of days skiing at my local mountain (abolsutely awesome!), and am worried I may have to change my ski clothing. I have an entrant suit/one piece - just a shell, not a puffy padded one, just one plain drak colour. I have had it 8 seasons and I can't wear it out - we don't have trees to rip clothing on, just a few rocks and ski edges.

Last weekend I only saw old chicks wearing suits - and I don't consider myself an old chick - I don't think I ski like one. I pointed this out to Mr. twoKiwis and he is beginning to think I should change - but it definitely won't be Bogner, maybe Mountain Hardwear.

I am quite attached to my suit, I am always taking huge face plants and tumbles in the powder and drud and it keeps me so warm and cosy. So I think it's practical. I have been looking to replace it because I don't have a technical hood. I want a hood with all the features of Mr. twoKiwis Moutnain Hardwear jacket. Problem is that the only suits I have found are at different ends of the spectrum - feminine padded suits, or the mountain hardwear suit with the zip out seat. I don't need a zip out seat, but I like things understated and plain. Not a huge range here, thought I might go shopping in Calgary next year.
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I guess my polite response would be to say you should wear whatever you like.

My honest response would be it is for old chicks or tourists.

What do you do in warm weather? Those things look hot to me. Buy pants and a jacket.
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If it keeps you warm and cozy...go for it!! the veiw over here (us) is pretty much anything goes....(i still dont believe some of the things I see people in out there.)

I Know over here you can find them in all the shops...except Im not to sure about the hoods...Ive only seen one with a hood, I want to say it was a Technica but Im not sure..it was bright neon orange and pink patchwork, and it had faux fur around the hood...I almost bought it because it was SO obnoxious! but Im tall and have a really long leg (34), so most one-pieces dont fit me, (too short or creeping up in unmentionable places) and besides, it will take me a couple of years to ski well enough to get away with an outfit like that!

But if you are up this way, check out the shops...there are alot of people in here who work at ski shops and probably have a better idea of the inventory. you may even do better in the mens sections...it seems in all types of jackets and outerwear they allways have the better selections!!
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then again (Rusty snuck that post in while I was typing mine...) maybe you should listen to him....im not in the practice of checking out other chicks so he knows better!

Get a pair of stretch pants. they are most uncomfortable and you'll freeze your arse off but i bet Mr. twoKiwis will not complain...
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For inumerable reasons...two pieces.
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my thoughts,
what ever you feel comfortable in and keeps you warm. I ski in a one piece most days. Comfortable, nothing flapping around, keeps me warm and dry.
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For a long time, i agreed with all the negative comments about one piece suits.

Then i found a Patagonia Ice 9 suit at the outlet for $79 (about 1/10 retail) and bought it. After 3 years, and new knees and lower legs, it is due to be retired. I love it!

Only for summer skiing do i break the pants out. The suit is awesome on a powder day, great on windy days. Lets just say my butt hasn't seen a snowflake in three years. I wear it touring, resort skiing, and ice climbing. A one piece is lighter than a jacket and pants combo, the top can be taken off and tied around the waist for hiking. Just need to figure out how to get such a screaming deal on another one.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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My wife has worn one-pieces since I started her skiing 11 years ago. She is CONSTANTLY cold and even on days where I'm skiing in a fleece vest, she's comfortable in her one-piece so for her it's perfect.

Plus, I must say that she looks absolutely spectacular in it
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In spring I just ski with a light polyprop underneath. Because it is just a shell I don't get too hot, and I have room to add lots of layers when it is cold. We don't have the extremes skiing in NZ like Canada and USA.

LindaA - 10 years ago I used to have stretch pants before the suit, but I found I got wet and cold on powder days. Mr. twoKiwis did appreciate them though. I'm short so I'll steer away from the fluro style suit!
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Heh, heh. everyone I talk to "had" stretch pants ten or so years ago, man they MUST be out of style! but I paid waaayy too much for them and damnit, I LIKE them!! Im wearing them and getting my moneys worth!!! Maybe ill start a new trend and they'll come back in style..

yea, that flouro suit was a little much, but I want to ski a little better before I call that much attention to myself!!

I WISH pow days were an issue here in New Hampshire...I see these people in this forum talking about thigh-deep powder...I get all excited when my skis get buried!
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I wouldn't be me if I didn't reply here. My Personal view on one-piece suits is that they are only cool if... OK they're never cool. Two piece garb offers so much more than the bags do. Versatility is king, and when it gets warm you can shed the top to stay comfortable. (Do NOT wear shorts, please!) When it gets cold, you can handily strip and add layers. Let's see... Easier and better looking. Two pieces is the way to go.

Spag's quote of the day:
"The only two things the dead need to worry about are decay, and necrophiliacs."
-Rufus in "Dogma"-
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my view is as far away as possible.
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I've seen some real eye candy at Huntah wearing them. They looked pretty darn good, but couldn't ski worth a damn. And at Huntah, how you look is all that matters, right?
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I think people should be forced to wear what everyone else is wearing and exhibit no tendencies toward independent thought or action. only then will the slopes be safe.
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JohnH says:
> And at Huntah, how you look is all that matters, right?

That would be... Starter brand jacket with NY Giants or NY Jets logo? Wineskin? Blue Jeans? Black wool skull cap?

We get the overflow at Killington.
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Killington is where they go for "vacation". Huntah is where they go for the weekend. Same crew. But I can be at Hunter in 5 hrs, and K in 10. If I'm gonna drive 10 hrs, I'll pick somewhere other than Kill-or-be-killed.
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Killington's fun to bash but it's a pretty good place to ski if you're a regular and know how to avoid the worst of the mayhem. Those people in Giants team jackets don't ski ungroomed natural snow trails or trees. The tourons don't arrive until 10:30 and they take lunch break promptly at noon and are in the bar by 3:00. You can load at the Skyeship midstation until 4:10 and the hill is deserted for the last hour. The half-pipe, terrain parks, and boarder cross soak up most of the one-plank and twin tip crowd. The advantage of a big confusing sprawling mountain that allows boundary-to-boundary skiing is that there are dozens of unmarked tree runs lovingly thinned out by the regulars.

Of course, avoiding the worst of the mayhem sometimes means we go to Pico or Sugarbush with the odd day at Jay, MRG, and Stowe.
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two words: "*** bag" I don't want to offend anyone, but that is the industry term in California for a one piece. Sorry.
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Could you give me a hint? Three letters? I am curious, also as a new import to CA, I would hate to miss out on the current, geographical venacular. My modest, NM sensibilities should not be offended.
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It was a homosexual reference, but epicski put *** instead. I found this act of censorship to be disturbing. Sorry.
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Robin, it rhymes with "bag". Peace in the Middle East.
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Dag,gag,sag,mag,jag....oh well, I guess I'll quit...go out and smoke a *** ...er, cigarette.
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twoKiwis - Tell ya what.... If it keeps you warm, is comfortable to wear, and you like it, who cares what the others think.

On the other hand, if you do care, add a few feet of 200 mile an hour tape, and you'll be just fine.
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JimmyP - what is 200 mile per hour tape?

Matteo - great pics, the scenery is awesome in Europe.
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It's actually 800 mph tape. Duct Tape (sticky tape to you Brits ). Fighter pilots have been known to use it to hold planes together or patch holes. If applied correctly it will stay on at speeds up to 800 mph.

Or so they say (whoever "they" are).
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JohnH has it right. DUCT Tape, used by hvac types to seal ductwork from air leaks.

Get the cloth type, not the plastic stuff, it's much better.

Talk about irony, the day after my first reply, the wife got a hand me down one piece Descente suit from her aunt. Complete with matching Murray Merkley wool hat. Cool!
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Matteo: Extremely attractive pictures!
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If you have the bod I guess you should flaunt it. But then I think of that story that Physics man told in funniest thin on the slopes, and I think, man if tat chic re wearing a one piece!
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ski suit

hi twokwis
im a ski nut and love skiing i always wear a one piece skisuit all the time when on the slopes i find them warm and comfy also practical also thier is a fun side to wearing a ski suit my partner likes me in mine so i can be his ski bunny wich can be a lot off fun after a hard days skiing (first time we did this we had a disaster my partner took my skisuit off went to throw it on a chair missed the chair and landed in the fire nearly burning the place down but sorted it out luckliey two years ago that happend funny to look back on but not at the time) all in all one piece skisuits are handy and practical allways choose a good qulity one lookforward to other peoples comments
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go forth and be bold
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