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EpicSki Academy is OPEN!

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Registration is now OPEN for all the EpicSki Academy events:

Stowe, Vermont - December 12-14, 2008

AspenSnowmass - January 11-15, 2009

Big Sky, Montana - March 29-April 2, 2009

We have FAQs!

We'll be announcing our coaches soon.

This thread is for your questions. Already I have received the following question:
What is the deadline for registration for ESA Stowe and do you expect full payment at the time of registration (it looks like that from the registration forms).
We don't have a set deadline for any of our events. We'll announce on this forum when we are nearing capacity based on desired group sizes and number of coaches available. We require final payment three weeks prior to the event.

Because of the shrinkage in the lead time for Stowe, we are skipping the deposit step and asking people to pay in full when they sign up.
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My only question is :
How many of these can I put in a Post?

I am Stowe Excited!!!!!
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I would so love to attend one of these, alas, it's not in the financial cards right now. However, I wanted to tell you how beautiful the new registration sites are!
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Thank you, COSkiGirl. Our designer will be pleased that you noticed!
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I've never skied the East. I know temperatures and snow cover can be a problem so the early season dates at Stowe are of concern to me. Where can I go to get an idea of typical mid-December snow conditions at Stowe?

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steveturner. This question (or a variation) comes up a lot. The answer is actually quite simple.

It will either be very icy with thin cover and cold or warm; it may be very cold with great groomed conditions; there is an equal chance there will be fresh snow and mid-winter conditions. It could be raining.
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Steve, here are the Trip Reports for ESA Stowe 2006 and 2007. You may find this helpful. Or, you may just find it entertaining.


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Thanks Nolo.

Sounds like there may be great snow or there may not, but there will always be great coaching and great fun.

I'm checking the airfares!
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I am registered!!!!
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Stoweflake link on the ESA-Stowe registration page is broken.
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Originally Posted by RiDeC58 View Post
Stoweflake link on the Stowe registration page is broken.
Why did you break it? I'm tellin mom!
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Try http:www.stoweflake.com

Apparently they put up a new site more recently than I wrote that copy...
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Check is in the mail! Who is in charge of the ski valets? Last year the boot warming service was perfect....

Hey nolo, i sent ya a pm concerning the Wens. night....let me know...
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Ragin, You should do Big Sky this year!!
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Ragin', Trekchick will be warming spirits at Stowe and Big Sky this year. Shall we try to talk her into doing a trifecta, and coming to Snowmass too? C'mon, TC! Do it!!!
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I'll do all three if Ragin does all three!
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I noticed that this year's registration page did not allow for ordering of extra tickets. How will this be accomplished this year?
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Lift tickets for Saturday and Sunday are included in the event cost. If you wish to purchase extra lift tickets for personal use Friday, Dec. 12, and/or Monday, Dec. 15, or for nonparticipating family or partners traveling with you, the cost is $40/day. Please send a check to cover the total and indicate for whom the lift tickets are being purchased and which days. Please mail to the address below no later than November 21, 2008. We cannot honor any orders that are postmarked after that date. No additional lift tickets will be available at the event.

If you wish to bring a guest to the group dinner Saturday night at the Stoweflake, the additional cost, including taxes and gratuity, is $50. Again, please send a check.

We’re not providing the option to pay for either extra lift tickets or dinners through PayPal because we can't control sales.

EpicSki Academy
P.O. Box 895
White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645
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I'm getting Stoweked!!!
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
I'll do all three if Ragin does all three!
One day I would love to ski Stowe with the bears. However, the Dec. date of Stowe is in the middle of my busiest season. I'm still tryin' to get a pass for Big Sky...75% chance on that one....
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Ragin Ya going to Snowmass>?
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Originally Posted by GW Skier View Post
Ragin Ya going to Snowmass>?
Yep! Best 4 days of instruction out there...plus a ton of fun! Tryin' to get Ms Ragin' to join in...
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yea me too I think me and my other half might do that too. Only problem Wfe don't SKI. ESA is for intermediate's only? or is it for begginers as well?
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NOLO When is the deadline for registration for Snowmass?
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Originally Posted by GW Skier View Post
yea me too I think me and my other half might do that too. Only problem Wfe don't SKI. ESA is for intermediate's only? or is it for begginers as well?
It's not for intermediate's only. Experts go and get a lot out of it. The coaches are the best in the country and they all seem happy and willing to work with less skilled skiers. Get some details to Nolo and she can help you determine if ESA would be good for your wife. One key factor is the athlete's willingness. Some people just don't care about learning. ESA would not be for them IMHO.
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Generally ESA caters to intermediate, advanced and expert skiers. It is not unheard of for a beginner group, if there is a demand for it, but that is not the norm.
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We have had beginners -- our "most improved" at Snowmass last year was Kelly, who I believe had only been on skis a couple of days before ESA. Ragin', was Kelly rippin' by the end of the camp?
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Kelly is da BOMB! Saw her pic on the cover of Xtreme Skiing! Remarkable what 4 days of quality, intensive coaching can accomplish with an athletic, willing student! Lannie wasn't too shabby either!
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ok thanks she would probaly do better with just a REG Ski School then. SHe is not an adrenaline junkie like me. However she will break ice on the way to our duckblind so I can push us there. Thanks for the feed back
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That's a good woman

Meanwhile, Epic might be willing to give you a referral to one of the Stowe instructors. She could take a morning lesson then ski and maybe do the same the next day.
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