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2001-02: How Many Ski Days and Where?

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This is a staple item from one of the other ski chat sites. It's always fun to see where everyone has spent their time this year (and I haven't seen a similar post on epicski so far), so:

How many ski days did you rack up this year and where?

29 Days:

5 Belleayre, NY
1 Hunter, NY
1 Gore, NY
1 Whiteface, NY
4 The Canyons, UT
2 Solitude, UT
2 Snowbasin, UT
1 Deer Valley, UT
1 Alta, UT
1 Snowbird, UT
2 Jackson Hole, WY
1 Grand Targhee, WY
2 Copper, CO
2 Sutton, Quebec
1 Burke, VT
1 Magic, VT
1 Cannon, NH
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31 until it all came to a screeching halt.

one trip to utah, one to whistler and the rest in washington.
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Too many to count, it was/is a good year! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Thru today, my final day of the season at Copper, 127 days.

Mostly at Copper with a few at the Boat and some early season turns at Keystone.

I'll probably make a few turns at the Basin in about a week. It looked really sketchy when I came over the pass coming back from Denver the other day.
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Lets see How Many days?
1 at Alta
1 at Snowbasin
2 at Snowbird
3 or 4 at Canyons
6 or 8 at Deer Valley
35 or so At Park City
And there could be a few more days in at Alta or Snowbird. In the Last few days There has been at least 30 inches of new snow.
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40 total. Buying a house & a couple trips to Oregon for family events cut into season.

2 - Mt. Ashland, OR
8 - Big Sky, MT
30 - Bridger Bowl, MT (damn, that's lowest on a season pass in years & it was a good season).

Still, it was great season. Not as much powder skiing as hoped but the crud, moguls and groomed snow where generally soft all season. I bought some Mountain Viper X PPS's for moguls and groomed conditions and they got more usage than I wished but were a great investment.
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Jackson Hole 6 days
Windham 5 days
Camelback 1 day
Mountain Creek 20 days (season pass)
Not bad considering the lack of snow in the east. Jackson Hole was a humbling experience.But fun! Lots to work on for next years ski trip.
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2 - Ishgl
1 - Serfaus
1 - St Anton
3 - Söll
1 - Hochfugen
1 - Zugspitze
4 - La Balme, La Clusaz
3 - Le Grand Bornand
1 - Megeve
1 - Lenggries
1 - Zell Am Ziller/Gerlos

What a year. Bring on the next.
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2 Silvretta Nova (Montafon) AU
1 Mellau AU
3 Stoos CH
1 Warth (Hochtannbergpass) AU
6 Telluride CO
8 Jackson Hole WY
1 Grand Targee WY
1 Killington VT
2 Soelden AU
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4 -Vail (Although great Powder days each time)
3- Beaver Creek
5 - Keystone
107- Breckenridge
1- Copper

Didn't get around as much as I have in the past with a new business starting. But, inspite of the low snow year I managed some really good days.

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1 Crystal Mtn WA
2 Stevens Pass WA
20 Alpental, Summit at Snoqualmie WA
2 Mt Baker WA
1 Mt Ashland OR
1 Grouse Mt BC

2 more days next weekend at Alpental or maybe a trip to Mt Baker if the conditions are good, then one or two trips either to Whistler or Crystal Mtn for summer skiing. Maybe a trip to Timberline late summer when I'm starting to think about next season.
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59, not as many as i would have liked but for going to school and living in the northeast this year, not too bad.
2 - Whiteface
4 - Waterville Valley
1 - Holiday Valley
52 - divided almost eaqually between Greek Peak and Kissing Bridge NY... probly a few more at greek than at KB.
Later all
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Got in 97 days this season, all in Michigan's Lower Peninsula, where most areas didn't open until Christmas Day.
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I wish I could be so specific as to numbers of days. I know for a fact that, this year [odd year], I skied only one single spring day at Jay Peak - but a good day it was. Two spring days at Stowe, and happy that I did. Maybe two to four days at Bolton Valley. The remainder were at Smugglers Notch, and I have no clue as to how many there were, though a wild ass guess would be twenty-five. There were some great days, a number of good days, and some horrid days - altogether, a very, very odd year with probably fewer ski days than in previous years. Oh! I damn near forgot! Two days at the trade show at Stratton Mountain. The thing is, however many days I ski, it's never enough. I DON'T WANT TO STOP!!!!
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45 Camelback
1 Windham
2 Elk
2 Okemo
2 Stratton
1 Alpine
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3 - Big Sky, MT
4 - Mont Saint Anne, PQ
1 - Raleigh, NC (freak 14 inch dump in the south that was enought o build a kicker)
5 - Snowshoe, WV
2 - Sugar Mountain, NC
2 - Bryce Mountain, VA
2 - Jay Peak, VT
5 - Jackson Hole, WY
1 - Grand Targhee, WY
1 - Teton Pass, WY
1 - Sugar Bowl, CA
1 - Squaw Valley, CA
1 - Kirkwood, CA
1 - Snowbird, UT
1 - Park City, UT

And no $$$ left im my bank account.
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Late start but got in quite a bit anyway:
60 or so-Bristol Mt. NY (pass)
3-Stowe Vt.
4-Tremmblant Que.
2-Jay Peak VT.
1 Sugarbush VT
1 Holiday Valley NY
1-Swain NY
Next year should be better-maybe the big trip out west.My daughter will be going to college in Plattsburgh NY,so that should justify more trips to Whiteface and Jay! We've already committed to our Bristol pass for next year so we're thinking about snow already.
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92 - Copper (last lift access day is today.)
5 - Night hikes and BC (more to come)
4 - Loveland
2 - Steamboat
2 - Vail
1 - Beaver Creek
1 - Breckenridge
1 - Arapahoe Basin

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12 Days
The most I have gotten in since the 84-85 season. I consider myself lucky to get 7 days on the snow. It's tough living in the South.

1 Whitetail, PA
2 Ski Roundtop, PA
1 Heavenly, CA
1 Alpine Meadows, CA
1 Squaw Valley, CA
1 Sierra at Tahoe, CA
1 Sugar Bowl, CA
1 Snowbasin, UT
1 The Canyons, UT
1 Alta, UT
1 Snowbird, UT
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About 17 days so far but planning a week at Mt. Bachelor the first weeek in May. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Crystal Mt. Washington 1
Alpine Meadows 3
Big Sky 5
Alpine Meadows 5
Kirkwood 1
Sierra at Tahoe 1
Alpine Meadows 1
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About 17 days so far but planning a week at Mt. Bachelor during the first weeek in May. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Crystal Mt. Washington 1
Alpine Meadows 3
Big Sky 5
Alpine Meadows 5
Kirkwood 1
Sierra at Tahoe 1
Alpine Meadows 1
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17 or so.

4 at Okemo
1 at Stratton
12 in Lech am Arlberg

I'm moving.
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-25-30 days Toggenburg,NY
-2 Song Mnt,NY
-1 Labrador Mnt,NY
-1 Snow Ridge, NY
-1 Gore Mnt, NY
-3 Bristol,NY
-1 Sugarbush,VT
-1 Mad River Glen,VT
-1 Jay Peak,VT
-1 Stowe,VT
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I can account for the 24 days at Fernie because it's on the calender. The rest I couldn't say where , just that I know I'm going to be over fifty days again after next weekend.
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3 Vail
2 Blackcomb
2 Crystal Mtn
1 Stevens Pass
1 Beaver Creek

Pretty pathetic actually. My season got cut short in early Feb. due to surgery. There is still time to get in a couple more days, though!

I will do better next year [img]smile.gif[/img]

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40 Days

7 at Whistler/Blackcomb
3 Mammoth
30 Lake Tahor - mostly Northstar and Alpine Meadows but Sugar Bowl and Squaw Valley too
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Lets see I know 27 is the total. The Hunter total is correct the others may be off slightly.

2 Hunter
4 Sugarbush
9 Mad River Glen
12 Jay Peak

With the weather I skied more ice them I've ever skied in the past.

Also a 1/2 day snowbaord lesson at Killington.
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about 40 ...
1 Bachelor (got rained out day 2 ...)
3 Red (best of the year!)
3 Big Mountain (good snow, too many cat walks IB, good OB though)
3 Fernie (great hill, bad timing)
1 Schweitzer (interesting place, I'll be back for a longer stay next year)

The rest at Mt Hood Meadows, including the slush cruising this afternoon!

Still got a couple of weeks left in her! Then hiking for turns begins ...

not a bad year, but not Epic!
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A pretty good season for me:

3 Whistler, BC CDN
3 Whitewater, BC CDN
1 Mt. Spokane, WA
1 Park City, UT
4 Alta, UT
1 Mt. Bachelor, OR
4 Alpental, WA
2 Summit Central, WA
12 Crystal Mountain, WA
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What do you mean, the season hasn't started yet

So far,
7 Engelberg, Switzerland
6 Feldberg, Germany

Coming up
4-8 in Portillo, Chile or Baraloche, Argentina
30-40 Mount Hutt, New Zealand or Queenstown area, New Zealand
Maybe a few in Perisher/Blue Cow, Australia
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