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Sage Cattabriga - double front flip over a gap. (Clip)

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From this weeks "Clip of the Week" -- Sage Cattabriga showing how it's done...

Fast Connection: http://www.tetongravity.com/cotw/cotw44fast.htm

Slow Connection: http://www.tetongravity.com/cotw/cotw44slow.htm

Owens Never Sleeps


[ June 04, 2002, 09:48 AM: Message edited by: Owens Never Sleeps ]
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Hey Owens...cool clip.

What do you do for TGR? Just curious.
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I am the webmaster, random marketing / graphic work, Alaska Rep, and a guy who just makes things happen. I handle a lot of things in AK and do the shows here. If you had to boil it down to a title, I guess you could just say I'm the webmaster. I also do sites for others in the industry. I do http://www.valdezhelicamps.com, http://www.frontierfilms.com and I collaborate on http://www.chugachpowderguides.com. I do a couple dozen other sites as well.

My gig with TGR started as a casual thing -- I've known the boys for many years and grew up with Dirk Collins. We used a premiere of the first TGR film, "The Continuum" to raise a load of money for a buddy of mine who was beaten and stabbed in Colorado. My payback for that was to build the first TGR site back in 1997. We've been together ever since.

I donated my web efforts until last year, when we finally started doing well enough to make it pay for me.

TGR is an interesting thing. Sure, there's the company but more than that it's a collection of like minded friends spanning around the globe just trying to live a lifestyle. It really is kind of a movement, revolution, whatever you want to call it. There are a LOT of people like me who have thrown down hundreds or thousands of hours of work to make TGR happen. It's been a really cool thing to watch happen.

Owens Never Sleeps
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sooo clean.. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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that's more gutsy than double back cos the landing is blind...RESPECT!
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Owens - I have a question for you. On May 1st at Mammoth I saw a skier poach the cliff on the skiers left of Climax. He dropped about 50 feet, clicked out of a ski, and tried to outrun ski patrol on one ski, while holding the other. The rumour around town was that it was Kreitler, but I talked to the patroller the nest day, and he said it was Sage Catta-something, and that he cried like a baby when he got busted. Is this the same guy, and will we be seeing this in a TGR film next fall?
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Sounds like Sage Cattabriga, but I don't know anything about the incident to which you are referring. You will see Sage in both "The Prophecy" and "Salad Days" from us this year. "The Prophecy" will be our feature effort and "Salad Days" will be our jib flick.
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