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powder/crud buster/moguls?

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums here, and I would just like to comment on how helpful and polite everyone is. I am looking into spending some $$$ and I was wondering what the general consensus is for a ski that is big enough for the pow and willingly able to bust the crud as well as glide throught the bumps, if there is such a thing. I would consider myself a low expert who needs practice in the bumps, but otherwise enjoy skiing off piste steeps and powder. I'd like a ski that will allow me to spend some time in the bumps and let me ski off piste when I get frustrated. Any opinions?
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demo some rossi bandit xx, atomic 9.22, atomic r11
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I just got a pair of Volkl Vertigo Motions (177cm) for just that kind of skiing, but I haven't skied them yet. Maybe this weekend.
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I would say its a rather impossible trifecta. By the time a ski is wide enough to be a good powder ski, and stiff enough to be a good crud buster, its going to be too much of both to be a good bump ski.

The only thing i would suggest is look at something like a volkl g4 or explosive, or fischer bs 84, or something in the 80-90 mm waist. then get a size smaller than you would ordinarilly ski for quicker turning in the bumps.

But im not much of a fan of skiing bumps, pretty much just like to ski fast in pow and crud.
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I ski bumps all the time on my Volant Chubbs. Now, they are too slow edge to edge for FAST zipperline skiing, but if you are not too aggressive, they make bumps as easy as they can be. I don't have any experience on other fats, but I imagine that there are others that perform just as well. You are on the right track. Ryan has had good a bump experience with oddyssey skis .
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I ski moguls just fine with my Supermountains. That is first generation moguls, not the 2 week old second generation moguls that have been sliced to bits by people on their shorty slaloms. In order to ski powder, moguls & crud you'll need to find a wider ski you can ski in a shorter length with sufficient stiffness for crud and fairly light swing weight. I would recommend looking at the K2 Axis XP, the Bandit XX and Atomic R:11.
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there's got to be some give and take with that triumvirate

optimal powder skis are too wide to ski bumps fast unless you are Hattrup or Plake

but good powder float exists in skis with 68mm-74mm waists.

best ski for all-round powder, crud, bumps that I've skied? I've been on them since last February -- K2 Axis X.

The Axis XP will not be fun in bumps, if I am to believe the reviews. Too damp and too GS-like. Would be good in crud & powder, too.

I'm going to demo some Pocket Rockets this season to see just how bulky they feel on semi-groomer and mogul runs. I know they will kick booty in crud & bottomless, I just want to know how bulky they feel in bumps and carving.
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I note that more than one person posting above has mentioned the Rossignol Bandit XX's. I've demoed those skis in different lengths, and I found that the correct length will do just what you ask. I bought the Bandit XX's, after a lot of trying out, in 170. I'm 5'8" and 150 pounds, an average skier. The XX is truly the most versatile pair of skis I've ever owned, and the most fun. Wide enough to float in powder, tough enough to bash crud, and with all that, it's quick edge to edge. These skis make great GS turns and are stable at speed, but they miraculously also make quick short turns and are quick edge to edge. Try it in two or three lengths if you can. Get the right length, and you'll get the right skis.

If moguls frustrate you, then you have no plans to ski them the way the professionals do - you just want to SKI them! The XX is a great ski for that and will not handicap you in the bumps. The length is the key.
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When it comes to picking skis. Many of us buy skis more for what we would like to ski rather then what we really do ski. You have to ask yourself what do I spend most of my time skiing? Lets face it we would all love to ski 12 to 24 inches of Pow everyday and all day long. In reality that kind of day is rare even here in Utah. So for the most part, if we are skiing in bounds, We ski powder in the morning, turning to crud then in a few days crud to forming bumps. Most true Powder skis aren't much fun 3 days after the last dump. If your asking about a ski to be your one ski quiver then look at the ever popular mid fats. If you want more speed and carving plus crud busting a then look for the G3 or simlar ski. Something to aid you in bumps get a ski with bit with a bit more flex,like the Atomic 9:22. One of the best do all skis I have ever been on is the K2 mod x/axis x, they are vary good in bumps, stable in the steeps good in crud and not a bad floater for boot high powder. As you have already read from our good friend Oboe The Bandit xx has many fans here they seem to be another well rounded do all ski. with 75mm under foot it should be a good floater. I haven't skied them,however they are on my Demo list for this season. Another ski that is no my short list is the Fischer S500 Peter Keelty really seemed to like that ski a lot. Maybe the best thing to do is max out the credit card and buy a quiver. By the way what miles said about the Chubb is true for a fat ski they do ok in soft bumps. I do wish that Volant would bring back the Chubb.

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I second the 9.22 suggestion. Bust through crud, float pretty well, really nice in bumps. If you can only have one pair its prob. an ok compromise.
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Originally posted by Vita-Man:
I would look into the Stockli Stormrider. It works fine for me in all three conditions you mentioned. The sidecut is 109 -73 -99. In the 174cm length it has a turn radius of 20 meters. I use the 184cm ski and I am 6. 1in 210lbs.You can use that info to choose your size. Good luck in your search! To see the ski go to- www.stockli.com
Stockli make pretty awesome skis

Listen to Vita-Man [img]smile.gif[/img]
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The Dynastar Intuitiv 74 is another ski that does all these things, it's soft and turny enough to ski the bumps well, it blasts through the crud, and is good in the pow, although maybe a little better in the trees than wide open spaces. Just happened to read Ski Press magazine that said similar things, "it slices the groomed, cuts up the crud and declares itself master of moguls". There are probably several good choices in the 70-75mm waist range.
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i'll second the second on the atomic ride 9.22

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fischer's big stix 75.

I have been on the Bandit xx several times (almost bought a pair)and I think the Fischer is lighter and quicker (very low swing weight) in bumps yet has more or less the same footprint for floatation and crud (I bought them instead).

I was out yesterday skiing lots of moguls and soft snow and tracking out some small sections where the tops of little pine trees are sticking through so noone was going through them...except me. HAH!

They also have great edge grip on hard snow and ice. And I think are much better built than the Rossignols.
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Totally agree about the 9.22's

I don't know why anybody skis on anything else (semi-serious).

float in the powder, good shape for long and short carves on the hardpack, surprisingly quick edge-to-edge in the bumps plus they are very, very light without feeling jittery

I'm 5'9 and 190 and ski them at 180cm. Sounds like we may be similar in ability.

In Europe they are even quite cheap compared to the alternatives!

You won't regret them

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at the end of the day, you can only blame so much on the ski.
if you are confident in your skiing than get a mid-fat of any
kind, ofcourse demo to fit the ski to your style. you should ski fine with your new ski, whichever ski you choose to buy.
unless you are showing off to your victoria secrets model girlfriends. who is willing to buy ski or skis to fill your quiver. you don't need terrain specific ski.

i ski in vermont with my atomic r11, where the powder is measure in mm, the crud are rock hard, the trees have to be bushwack, and the bumps are rock slide. fortunately my victoria secrets girlfriend does not ski, so i don't have to show-off my zipper-line on the slope. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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I have a pair of Volkl Explosives on the way. I'm not expecting them to be to great in the bumps, but they are going to be great in powder, crud and other fun stuff. I'll let you know my thoughts on them in hardpack situations.

Ok, I really just wanted to say that I have a pair of Explosives coming if Volkl ever gets around to making them!! :
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>... I have a pair of Volkl Explosives on the way. I'm not expecting them to be to great in the bumps ...

You might be pleasantly surprised, especially in big soft bumps, & if you are not trying to go crazy fast through the bumps with them. Sure, their swing weight is high, but when I first got my 190 Explosivs a few yrs ago, I was astonished how manageable they were the first time I took them in these sort of bumps.

Good ski - good choice.

Tom / PM
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I finally got my Explosiv's (last week) [img]smile.gif[/img] . I don't get to use them until my next trip out west (hopefully!), so at this point I just get to stare at them.

But I did get my first day of the season today. Organized a day off work to hit Tremblant on opening day. Not awesome , but still fun. I just love skiing.

My new skiis (waiting for me)
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You are going to enjoy those skis. The worked so well in spring rotten snow (with bumps)
They have all the pop you could wish that makes for good groomer riding.
just put the sound they make on hard snow out of your mind.

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CalG - Last season, I seem to recall that we were going to go into business selling noise dampers to people skiing Explosivs on hardpack. Ya think we should resurrect the idea?

Tom / PM
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