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Can skiers be team players? Sure good sports feel good about their ski team doing well and persons on their team doing well. Mind you nothing wrong with wanting to do better and in doing so beating a team mate. But its not the same as really being on a "team" where the team wins/loses. But skiers just aren't skiers only, in HS I also rowed and played rugby to cover all my seasons. I'd love to play rugby again but i'm not sure my body could take it.
The other question thats come up are skiers competitive. Well I am, even on my bike ride home trying to keep up to a guy on a $2000 road bike. My wife puts it down to testosterone poisioning.
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I played team sports from maybe age 8 up through high school. In high school I played football, hockey, lacrosse. One fall I did cross country running instead because I'd broken my leg the year before.

That running was excruciating I don't know what I was thinking when I went for that. I know there's people who love it and live for it. If gyms are the Dungeons of Excruciating Boredom (HH calls them DEBs) than running is the Open Air Torture Center of Ennui (OATCoE to Harald).[note:send flaming arrows to ]www.pmts.org]

Recently I've worked with a bunch of people who never played team sports. Some of them are fairly convinced that these are pretty suspicious activities. They might term them "Un-humanistic" , not Un-American (perhaps Too American). Certainly if you've been involved in a team sport your under a cloud of suspicion and are likely to have some very dangerous beliefs. Let's take a look:

Absolutely the worst. No other category comes close. Everything that's wrong with America is right here. Get rid of this one and we could turn things around.
The players:
Likely to advocate a vast increase of spending on ICBM's and to advocate a First Strike doctrine. No amount of spending on defense is enough. Reagan was just the appetizer, they want the whole meal. Invented the phrase "The best defense is a good offense" which confirms all this. Should probably leave the planet since it's too late to rehabilitate. If they did this would be good since foolish women flock to them like bees to honey. Interbreeding perpetuates the cycle. This description is only for the smart ones...

Average players: Likely to do vast amounts of property damage unassisted by mechanical objects. Most likely enjoy hunting animals, possibly without weapons. Roam the streets looking to commit hate crimes. Attitudes on women: look good on the side of the field as cheerleaders and in strip clubs. Will fight over almost anything, anywhere. They are to be avoided. At the slightest sign of alcohol use you should leave any building they’re in . It’s likely to be ripped apart by these animals or even burned down. No respect for property. Property only exists for them to perform exercises. They’ll try to pick up cars, throw tables, smash chairs. In fact anything they can smash they like and they’ll try to smash anything. If cornered by them, try to give them glass to smash. They’re temporarily mollified by the sound. Then run.

Below average intelligence players: (those really big guys snorting up front) Not sure if they're actually human or are farmed somewhere. Possible early cloning experiments gone awry. Only understand how to eat, lift things and hurt people. Utterly insensitive to pain and prove it often. Since intelligence level is somewhere in the root vegetable category, they are not to be feared under normal circumstances. ( Have had no alcohol, and it is not before or after a game) Quite possibly are useful lifting pianos, and pulling cars when their engines cease to function. Should be placed (in a separated area) in the same category as oppressed workers. While this is true, it should be remembered that they should only be approached with extreme caution and preferably not alone. They can kill you just by falling on you.

Yeah we know, the whole world plays it. This shows you what's wrong with the world. Hundreds of thousands, no millions of people are suffering and in need of help and what do people do? Play Soccer!! The absurdity of humans. We hate each other, kill each other, follow people in strange robes who say they talk to God, and then wash it all down with a rousing game of soccer! Get rid of soccer and we turn things around.
Degrading to women. Hello? "Soccer moms?" They used to just be moms now they have a modifier which means "mom who drives kids to practice half the day". What the hell! The sport is almost singly responsible for excessive air pollution and an acceptance of global warming. Why? Everyone involved in this crime wants a mini van. This also led to the hideous SUV category and the continual upsizing of vehicles. We need more room for...the team! No more small cars as these people hope to drive "the team" once a year. These vehicles are dragging the planet down quickly while enslaving the moms.

English soccer: We’ve seen glimpses of that bizarre scenario. Not sure if it’s for real or it’s been invented by the tabloids. If it’s for real thank god it’s separated from football by 3,000 miles of ocean. The Ebola virus is less destructive to the world. Someday those responsible will be punished by a World Humanitarian Court . This is a good reason to eat right and stay healthy so we can serve on the World Court. Travelers to England need to learn the basics of where the teams play. Under no circumstances should you be anywhere near the area. This is no joke. Repeat, no joke. Contrary to viscious, ignorant rumors, they do not sell Grateful Dead t-shirts at these affairs. Stay Away!! If confused as to where they are, do not enter the country . Ireland is not safe either. Go to France. The food’s much better.

Ice Hockey:
"Are those your real teeth?" Any level beyond high school see : Football: Average players. Canada’s national sport. Poor Canada, we thought they had a chance to be different. All that land and what do they do? Drill for oil, dam for power, mine for anything and congregate to beat each other up on a frozen lake! Hockey just reinforces the drive to drill, dam, mine and hunt seals. It’s suspected that there’s a direct correlation between the number of seals killed and the number of hockey games played.

Seemingly harmless and at low levels o.k. to experiment with but don’t inhale. The root canal of America’s problem. Insidious, it’s like fluorinated water in Kubrick’s "Dr. Strangelove..." Permeates all of society with it’s analogies. "Three strikes and your out" - where’s the compassion? "You just struck out!" -where’s the love? "You just hit a grand slam!"-the evils of capitalism. "You’re not even in the ball park"-oppression of all those less privileged. Umpires say "You’re outta here" -total lack of feeling and respect for another.. Boys use the language to abuse girls. "First base", "Second base", well you get the idea. How about "double header"? Isn’t one enough? Not in America. Everyone wants two of everything. Cars, houses, games!? Just more waste and pollution.

How destructive is baseball? Look at Brooklyn, New York. It’s never recovered from when the Dodgers moved out what 45 years ago? A BASEBALL TEAM leaves and the city goes to hell ! Shipping disappears, industry leaves, people are depressed, thousands leave for suburbs farther out on Long Island and New Jersey. Good neighborhoods disappear, replaced by high crime zones. What the hell! They all said "Our team left, we’re losers." See, if they hadn’t had that stupid game they would have been building community centers, parks, schools, a better society! Instead BASEBALL made them apathetic and careless about the real structure of their city.
In "On the Waterfront" (which takes place in Brooklyn) Marlon Brando utters his famous phrase "I coulda been a contenda". Little did he know this would soon become the Brooklyn motto after the Dodgers leave.
Even now people spend hours and hours hoping the team will return. Old guys hang around the park playing bocci ball talking about the Dodgers in the 40’s and 50’s. It’s like everyone’s on i.v. morphine! Get off it!

You say other countries play baseball it can’t be that bad. Look at Japan. Their fisherman were doing fine. Then we introduced baseball. Ever since that time they’ve been killing whales with huge factory ships. It’s just like Canada and Hockey. Get rid of baseball in Japan and we could save those whales. But baseball’s insidious, it permeates everywhere once it’s introduced. You know about tape worms?...Yeah...

How about Cuba? Yeah they’re doing fine. All the cars are at least 40 years old. People have next to nothing. It’s so bad they’ll get on pieces of wood lashed together and travel 90 miles over the ocean. Not only that, but through the Bermuda triangle! But do they care? No, they’ve got baseball! What’s the worst thing that’s happened to them in the last 50 years? They lost the gold medal in baseball at the Sydney Olympics!!! Worse, to the gringos!! The embargo's nothing in comparison. They don’t care about the real stuff, they lost the game!! Now everyone’s upset, they’ve got to do something! Do they want to build community centers, schools, houses? NO! They want to build a better team!! See, it’s even worse than here. At least here you can turn off the t.v.. There you can’t turn off your neighbor.

hmmm...close to being acceptable. After all, if it was invented by Native Indians it might be o.k.. Though no one’s quite sure how it’s played. They use sticks with little nets. Kind of cute. At least the players don’t need cheerleaders. Still, the game reeks of excessive Volvo and BMW’s. Lacrosse player’s have the best possibility of being recruited for the cause. Although they have tendencies of above hockey and football players, it’s suspected that high pot intake keeps them o.k. Some will wear tie dyes. They usually have good pot. Watch out for the real serious ones though, because they’re like the smart football players above. Still, you can invite them to parties. They’ll bring good pot. Perhaps while there they might be turned to the cause.

Some see this as the savior of the inner city. They are sorely mistaken. Those areas need serious help, people need skills, education , you name it. Are the youth in school learning ? No! They’re outside playing....BASKETBALL!. Think of that. Everything’s wrong with where they’re living and they’re PLAYING! Yeah some make it to the big leagues where because they’ve spent so much time playing in their lives they do things like choke their coach and shoot their girlfriends. Get rid of the game and the city will have energy to build community centers, schools, businesses. Youth won't be playing all day and night on the court they'll be learning.


Yeah, these people take no prisoners in their beliefs! They don’t say these things directly. Well, except for questions about missiles and guns and pro choice. Then there’s all the murmuring and the suspicious looks, sometimes. Still, it is possible to lure the weak ones into a game of ...foosball!...

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Tog for goodness sakes how does your mind work like this at such ungodly hours of the morning?
However, even though you played football in High School, anyone who acuses you of having a bad attitude towards woman is a nut case!

I never thought of the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn as the REAL reason for the downfall of those neighborhoods. Perhaps my brother, who teaches a history of New York course at CCNY, should examine that theory.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Well I certainly didn't start at this hour. I should be out, instead I'm at the computer all night. "you know you're sick..."
You should be asleep!
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Wow, that's harsh. Thanks for sharing that part of your life. Skiing is associated with freedom for me too.
I love to see young kids who are good skiers. They have enough mastery of the mountain to feel confident about going most places. Where else in life do they have such mastery over their environment? Even the way they stand is different when they're on skis if they're good. Besides, there's not much cuter than a little girl on skis with a helmet on, pony tail sticking out and a smile on her face.

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Tog, as much as we hate to admit it Lacrosse is Canada's official national sport.
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Jo, I really had no idea. I did go see a box lacrosse game in Montreal once a long time ago. (Don't recall any smoke wafting up into the stands) I believe you guys should have a referendum to change it to Hockey. After all, the whole world thinks it is anyway. Still, Quebec would probably vote for Curling just to piss everyone else off?
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Curling now there's a sport, Yawn.

Made me think of other rather bizarre games/sports. Anyone ever play Dodge Ball?
You have everyone line up against a wall then hurl balls at them. The last person standing wins. Now I could get into that.

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Careful, didn't you hear that dodgeball is now considered a "agressive sport/game" and has been banned in several school districts across America. "it is an elimination game that may cause children to think that elimination is ok and may cause more tragic events like Colombine".
Other games on the banned list,,

Duck, duck, goose. Musical chairs...
and if you think I joking about this move our great leaders are making... http://www.foxnews.com/story/0%2C2933%2C20196%2C00.html
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How funny. How Funny too that you would know this. In the unlikely event that I am ever on Millionaire I want Dchan as a lifeline.

Glad to know that there is an amateur Dodgeball Association trying to keep this sport alive.

Now I maybe sick but the line:

\"I thrilled in the victory, but there was the humanity of it … bodies flopping to the hardwood floor, little bodies getting pummeled."
Cracked me up!

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DODGEBALL's beauty is in its sheer, uncamouflaged Darwinism. You automatically- INSTINCTIVELY - pick out the most vulnerable targets, like a pack of wolves picks out the young, sick or disabled prey.
"Let's see" (10-year-old mind already sizing things up, preparing for later days, when he/she will size up over-machined companies for a hostile takeover, YEAH!!!!), "which kid here is least likely to be able to get out of the way?"
and so on PLING PLING PLING, successive kids being smacked with the damn ball, walking off with a sense of (YOU DECIDE) and watching the game from the side (maybe HOPING this or that OTHER kid gets taken out, deciding who might or should "win," perhaps crushes being formed along the way, leading to marriage, offspring, those same beautiful I'll-get-mine-before-you-get-yours thought patterns (reinforced all along the way) always passed down, being perfected, streamlined, made to work.

then it's the last kids. one has the ball, one more against the wall. PURE CONFRONTATION, leading to playground hero-dom, easier blending into the mess that is high school(messier now, i think, than when i was there over 20 years ago), then college and farternity and sorority and that pull into corporate CIVILIZED, REFINED INSANITY, with marriage, infidelity, alcoholism, weekends in front of the TV, ugly, regret-ridden separation, finally divorce and a quick HOW DID THIS HAPPEN spiral into unconscious(more comfortable, sleep) living, leading to death.

DODGEBALL RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Probably not a good idea..

I watch millionare from time to time. (my wife likes it) I usually do pretty good up to about 32K then. all bets are off.
they have some real strange questions. for some reason some things just stick in my head. Others things just slip through like a sieve.
In College one of the best instructors I had did every test (electronics and math) was open book. when asked why the departure from the norm. His response. I am not here to make you memorize everything I'm here to make you useful in your career. If I teach you how to find the information even when it changes you will know how to get the information. If I make you memorize everything and the technology changes it's useless.
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Well, I don't know-- I was on the crew team for 1 and a half years-- now THATS a cult- not really a team,a CULT... veryone travels, eats, sleeps, drinks together... once I quit I lost a lot of friends...
I run track right now, and I love it-- its a whole diffeerent thing-- like skiing, you're doing it for yourself, and only YOU improve
Sailing, on the other hand can be both-- you can sail with a crew or by yourself- depending on hwta kind of boast you have-- I do both

and then I kyak, mt. bike, rally my peice of shit car around.. it's all good, skiiers are skiiers, and they usually flock together

"When hell freezes over, I'll ski there too"
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Ryan, please get off the bus you're on cause the bridge is out. Did you write that car commercial where they're driving down the road and the guy sees his entire future life flash before his eyes? (Lived out in the car of course)

Ah Dodgeball. Loved that game! I still remember the sound of those red balls, esp. the ones with a lot of air in them, as they hit the gym floor. Then theres the chaos and continual elimination marching towards an unknown doom...(oh no, ryan got to me!)
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Are you related to Herbert Spencer? Don't forget this is an essential lesson for all would-be imperialists -- sometimes you have to calculate who you eliminate and how in order to rule everyone else (intimidation). "Ve vill vake you play it our vay." Wonder if dominatrix mentality comes from this, too.

Kinda like "The Weakest Link," too.

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boy, gotta love this web. plug in ol' Mr. Spencer and PRESTO, a lengthy bio. quite a character and there seem to be some similarities in sensibility. but i are a dummy.
coins say: No Relation.
thanks, lisakaz; i learned something new today.

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Ok how about Yukigassen. Yukigassen is a sport that is basically an organized snow ball fight. It's a lot like capture the flag--each team has nine players, and they must attempt to capture the other team's flag without being hit by snowballs. If you get hit, you're out.

Sounds suspiciously like the outlawed dodgeball to me.
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I'll bring the ball to Fernie!, they get really hard if you leave them outside!!!
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that's cool. you can arm yourself with that fluffy colorado stuff and i'll bring a freezer packed with my southern california pre-thaw iceball bombs. these things'll dent the doors of yer Humvee.
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Ryan, Dodge Ball, I loved it. I didn't feel that sorry for the less agile, they were out quickly and the pressure was off. I'm sure I am quite a bit older than you and now the game has changed. The stakes are much higher now, cancer, heart disease, and all the other ailments that show up as one ages. So far I am still in the circle.

Anyone ever play Beastmaster while skiing? It goes like this, you take the younger cocky guys out and keep turning up the heat until the signs begin to show, their head starts to droop and they are pretty quiet on the chair. Finally the button on their neck pops out and that bird is done. Then you get the story that they need to meet someone or that the trick knee is acting up. Kind of like taking the kids to school one g-dubs at a time. I think Paul would like this game.
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Ryan your on!

How fun dchan. Took me a minute to realize you can participate, by that time all my red guys were down. Love the death screams!<FONT size="1">

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That and the fact you can get knocked out of your shoes and socks!
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Oh my god there are levels, made it to level 2. Dchan what have you started?
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That game is hysterical!! I sent the url around my office and now we are all addicted!

Thanks Dchan!!!

Deep yogic breaths...
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this is sick made, it level 3!

love the sportsmanship. The winning team laughs and laughs. I really gotta get to work now,

Skiminker had a feeling you would like it.<FONT size="1">

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The snorting was my favorite part!! I made it to level three (as did my co-workers) and we all got stuck there. whoo too many green meanies.

I'll be enjoying this on for a long time to come!!

Deep yogic breaths...
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That was great! dchan how do you always find this stuff?
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in case you missed the thread about how some of us can spend so much time posting,
I spend 90% of my work day at a computer monitoring our websites, doing research or repairing/tuning systems. In the process there is a lot of waiting around. reboot takes 2 minutes, read and respond to emails. .. format drive 30 min, load software, 1-2 hrs sometimes most of it watching the little bar move across the screen. you get the idea... So when I'm just sitting there watching that little hour glass turn, I surf. and friends send me stuff. for some reason with some stuff I have a mind like a steel trap. certain things just stick in my head and I can usually find them later pretty quick. so that's why I find so much cute stuff...
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