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Hey Gate Bashers...ID A Ski

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looks like the tip protectors are missing. As far as "new" might be a pre season prototype graphic thrown on them.
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Looks like It is a salomon race stock slalom ski from circa 2000/2001. (The pink labels are the consumer race stock indicator as opposed to the retail race version) The plastic tips have been removed which makes it look a bit wierd. It has the Poweraxe slalom plate which is actually not a bad plate, not as hard work as a Vist plate and you can move teh bindings to suit. Surprise to see it in a 165 as tehse were typically in the 173ish range IIRC. I have a pair lying somewhere as a rock ski.
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For like $30 ......... w no bids .... a crap shoot but what the heck?

Just what that Brit needed ... Owen ..
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Back to the original thread, one in the Garage has been merged.
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thanks old softie you
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The graphics would imply about 2000-2001 time frame. The length does seem a bit odd though.
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The bindings alone are worth the 25 bucks.
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68/91 waist/tail is a bit odd. Does it actually say so on the top sheet or was this measured?
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I'd identify that as a waste of fifty bucks
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post
I'd identify that as a waste of fifty bucks
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
Matter of opinion I suppose, but I wouldn't trade any of the skis I acquired for under fifty buck for those.
All prices include shipping:
90s F17s decent shape fifty bucks
90s Formula CS US FS Team issue brand new never seen snow 35 bucks
Recent (?) K2 Four excellent shape fifty bucks
90s K2 EPX Carbon 25 bucks... OK I might trade those but not including the 877 e bindings that came on them.
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