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HELP... Question about Palmer Boards

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My wife has an old Palmer Purrl board, and I am looking to get her a new board this year (either an '08 or '09). She is a prety good rider (high intermediate/low expert), and she is looking for an All Mountain set-up for Colorado.

- She wants to stick with Palmer, so I want to know if anyone has any input? (My research is pointing toward the Liberty, but I am hoping to get some input from some "experts".)

- Also, she loves her current Purrl, and says the length (152) and width are perfect. Does anyone know the specs on the old Purrl models?

Thanks- "G"
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Not much knowledge about Palmer at all. Besides for the fact that their boards are pretty crappy. I would go with a Burton model of the same specifications before going with a Palmer. That says a lot, I don't ride Burton.
If she wants an all mountain set up for Colorado why not get a board designed and developed there?
Neversummer makes the Lotus and Infinity models for women. The Lotus is a freeride hard charging model. Definitely something she could grow into. The Infinity is more park oriented and is a rockered board. It'll float like crazy in pow and by the nature of the design easier to turn.
Unity makes the Virgo and the Pride which would work great for a women. Several other great women's and lighter rider models are out there. I can get you better reccomendations, but we'll need to know her (roughly if you can't ask)weight and boot size.
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5"4", 135 lbs, size 8.5 boot
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I'm not familiar with Palmer's current lineup.

One suggestion to get input. Post this over on Shredbetties.com the collective knowledge of the women there on women's equipment is extensive.
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Ok, I chatted up with one of my more knowledgeable female riders (since I don't demo women's boards in general) and here are a few more in addition to what I posted.

Burton Supermodel Women's
K2 Duchess
Prior Majestic (which will have a new name this season but the same board)

These were all boards she recommended from demoing (probably around 100 models last season) last year. She is going to want to get something between 153-155 cm based on her weight and riding level.

Palmer does make the Liberty for women but I don't have any friends who have experience with it. Again, Palmer in general comes up short when compared to other quality companies making the same product.

K2 has really been stepping it up as of late. I would look at the Duchess or the Neversummer (3 year warranty on NS boards, very durable and well built)Lotus.

Hope that helps you out.
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