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Looking for New Trails

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hi everyone,

i'm trying to plan some of my winter trips & am looking for some online resources that will help me find new trails. a friend of mine pointed me to & it's been pretty helpful so far. people rating trails & uploading pics & other info helps me narrow down my list. i'm wondering what else is out there. thanks for your help!
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Winter trails? What are you asking? Ski trails? Hiking? HUH??!!!
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ha...good question. mostly skiing; i don't do too much outside during the winter besides ski.
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XC? Where are you?

The nice thing about winter is not needing trails. It you think a place is pretty, or a hill looks fun to ski, just go.

Make your own trail. If you wanna go under some canopy made by trees, go.

Look around, explore, aim your skis at stuff that is safe and interesting to travel through.

Otherwise I'm sure there are guidebooks for your area.
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thanks splitter!
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Try the Aspen area if you can
I discovered XC and AT in the Winter of 2007/2008 and can now glide out of my front door and blaze a trail to anywhere.

In Aspen we groom miles and miles of trails and leave many hundreds of miles untouched so you can break the ground. it my opinion the best turn earning place in the world.
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If you're in Utah and want steep backcountry lines get Andrew McLean's Chuting Gallery

It's a classic with very good info.
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Deed Restricted Never Never Land, CO

So did you move up to town? We will have to get a couple of runs in this year sometime.
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SHRED - I got into employee housing near Buttermilk. Moved in Jan 1st 2008 and it proved to be a good year for that.

I'll turn on my IM and send me a note when you have your gear together.

I'm tuning mine up this weekend.
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A great book is "Wild Snow" that gives you all the great BC skiing in North America!
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