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Percentage of Vacation spent skiing?

Poll Results: How much time used for skiing?

Poll expired: Oct 16, 2008  
  • 10% (5)
  • 51% (25)
  • 26% (13)
  • 12% (6)
    <50%....what are you doing on EPIC?
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On an annual basis, how much of your vacation time is used
in pursuit of your skiing addiction????
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'bout half. Though I get 25 days a year vacation, so that's not bad. Plus pretty much every weekend in season. I'd do the whole 25 if it were up to me.
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I spend most of my vacation days on ski trips but unfortunately two days out of each trip are travel days so 25% - 35% is wasted time.
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Well, travelling to skiing is not wasted time. Travelling back is...
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I take weekdays off for skiing, usually one day trips, less crowds. Also could use a Friday or Monday as a travel day to ski somewhere farther away. I do other family stuff on weekends or holidays when the rest of the family and extended family can also attend.
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Take a few vacation days for summer cruising. The other 2 1/2 weeks are committed to skiing. This allows for 3 trips, 6 days each, using the weekends to start the trips. I never drive to ski locations; takes up too much time (from Lafayette it takes 15 hrs of driving to Taos and about 20 hours to Snowmass). I schedule very early flights which gets me on the mountain by mid day. I have the opportunity to ski 1/2 days doing this.
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I would say nearly 50%, give or take. Plus a few week ends.

(Of course, being french, I have 8 weeks of vacation...)

Flawed poll ?
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50% - We make two ski trips per year at one week each, and usually a third short ski trip late in the season usually for 3 days. Then two summer trips - one we stay in the mtns. and the second one we go to the beach or lake...
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I semi live at the beach so that frees up vacations for skiing.
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I don't take ski vacations. I live here.
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I live here too. But I actually get vacation time...which I spend skiing.

However, I keep one week each year to go see my parents.
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Now that I am a school teacher I have the month of August off; however, also because I am a school teacher there is no way that I can afford to go somewhere that I can ski during August.

I DO ski all of my x-mass, February, and April school vacations though!! (And sometimes thanksgiving too...)
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I take a couple days for kids school events and maybe 1 day in the summer. Probably 4 days out of 20 are not ski days.
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I get 26 days a year to use how I like, but I don't get sick days etc...

I visit aging parents and other family 3 times per year, but because of the nature of my job it only cost me 3 days off to take 3 four day weekends.

Do to time off banked I used 6 weeks for skiing last season and will use 5 weeks this season. That will take care of the bank, so after this season it will be 2 to 3 weeks per season for the next few until I get the bank built back up.
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I have two weeks off per year. I give my wife the decision where we are going one week, and she gives me the other.
Her week is usually spent in warmer climes like Key West. Which I don't mind as I'm also and avid sailor and diver.
Mine is always somewhere close to skiing. Whistler, Banff, etc.
We both get the vacations that we want.

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Originally Posted by stoweguy View Post
I semi live at the beach so that frees up vacations for skiing.
I'm in the same boat, so to speak. Just focus on the "semi" part.

The "beach" around NYC isn't something to write home about. But, the cycling and hiking is quite diverse. Within driving distance, that is. And the beach out at the tip of Long Island is pretty good, if you can deal with cool water, that is.

Anyway, there's a lot of opportunity for summer activities around the northeast. But skiing in the northeast sucks. So I spend most of my vacation flying out west or across the pond to access better snow or better terrain.

I'm not too surprise to find myself in the majority of bears >75% but not 100% (not even close). Each year, I do take one week for non-skiing fun, usually to some far away land, like India or Australia!
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I spend all of my winter vacations skiing and my summer looking for great deals on half price ski gear. My wife and son are snowboarders so it isn't tough getting them to the mountains.

We go for a week every February, with my son taking a week off of school to get some real life learning. If the snow is good, spring break gets us another week.

I live to ski because I am too old to ski to live!
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I was a teacher until June, then I retired. We had lots of summer time off so I figure I only spent about 15 percent of my vacation on skiing. I spent almost all of the time I could, though.
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I'm way fortunate to get a lot of vacation time. It's about my greatest boon as a skier.

Now if only I could afford to use all of it skiing.....
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0% I never ski on vacation. Why would I want to travel somewhere to go skiing when Snowbird is less than 10 miles from my house?
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I take vacation days based upon the powder/snow reports and try to take two days a week off during the ski season for skiing (in addition to the three days off I get for skiing each week). Since I am at the lifts in under an hour, that means I can maximize my vacation skiing days. Unlike PowderPig, sometimes I hear Jackson, Steamboat or somewhere else in the region calling my name and have to try to get thee for a few days as well.
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I live in banff, work afternoons, 4 days a week.

sorry gloating over
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mine used to be 100%.

then, lady skicougar came around. she's so pretty, so has convinced me going to the beach and getting sand just about everywhere sand decides it can go; is okay.
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