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Skiing Near Las Vegas

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Is there decent skiing within a reasonable driving distance to Las Vegas? I've been told that Brians Head in Southern Utah is about 4 hours, but was wondering about any other resorts.

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None really,

Brians Head 3 hr
Mammoth 6 hrs.
Flagstaff Snowbowl 4 hrs
Big Bear Lake, CA 4 hrs

Unless you hit the Vegas snowbowl for 1 run
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There is lots of snow in Vegas. Not the frozen kind though!!
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It depends on your skill level. What is your skill level?

There are some lines you can hike above Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard. There are also some decent areas above Brian Head if you are willing to hike or pay for the cat to take you up.

Brian Head is about 3 hours, if it has snow it can be pretty good. They don't have a lot of vert but do have a few steep runs. If you climb to the peak or catch the cat there are some good sections up there. It isn't that bad.

If you are willing to drive seven hours you can hit all of the LCC/BCC/PC area resorts.
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