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Accommodation SLC/Sandy/Midvale

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Hi, I'm looking for some suggestions for accommodation in SLC area. We will be staying in Park City for week 1, to ski DV, Park City and Canyons. In the second week we want to base ourselves so we can ski Alta, Snowbird and anywhere else we can get to. We will have a rental car for the second week.

I have had a look on VRBO, but there are only 2 of us, so there doesn't seem to be a lot of options for 1 brms or studios.

We would like something self contained (at least a studio), a short drive from restaurants pubs, but aren't too concerned about other facilities like pools, etc.

I've had a look at some hotel/motel condos in the Sandy/Midvale area that might be suitable, but any other suggestions would be welcome. I also don't know if I should be searching other locations that Sandy and Midvale, this is our first trip to Utah so I am not very familiar with the suburbs nearby the ski resorts.
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Try Extended Stay Sandy

We've stayed several times at Extended Stay in Sandy, most recently for two weeks last December/January. A reasonably large studio room with a queen size bed and a small but adequate kitchen meant we could eat in when we wanted.

There are a lot of restaurants within walking distance and the drive to LCC to Snowbird and Alta is simple, while Solitude and Brighton are a a bit further but still an easy drive when the weather is good.

Extended Stay are also at Midvale which is closer to BCC and PC and I guesss the facilities are much the same. The other attraction is the rates are very reasonable.
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Go to Google maps and plug in Sandy, UT hotels
You have it right, Sandy/Midvale works, plenty of restaurants and hotels, suites on the Fort Union Boulevard, plus only 15-20 min.'s to SLC and the Mtns. Check out the Mayan something theme in Jordan. I have stayed at the La Quinta well over a dozen times and it is quite comfortable for me. Nice to have a breakfast included.
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Intown Suites in midvale has studio type rooms for around $270 per week. it's kind of a dump, but you won't find anything cheaper.
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The Residence Inn is Sandy is very nice, would stay there in a heartbeat again.

A cheaper option we have stayed at is the Crystal Inn in Midvale. Dinner is included every night and it is made to be skiier's motel.
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Cyrstal do a search on this board under "Sandy" and you will find a TON of info. We stayed at the base of the Cottonwood Canyons in the Residence Inn by Marriott, Cottonwood Heights. Clean, cheap, suite room, an outside heated pool/hotub and a free good hot breakfast.

Check it out!
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. The Residence Inn is the place I had earmarked, ATM that is running at about AUD1900 for the week, so I am having a look to see if I can get something a little cheaper.
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Try these two links for accomodations in Sandy and Midvale:



This link is for SLC hotels...the Cottonwood Marriott I was speaking about above is #14 on this list:

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I have a related question. I see there are lots of good hotels for reasonable prices in Sandy, Midvale and Cottonwood. Are any of these areas better than others in terms of restaurants or things to do at night? Does SLC have any interesting neighborhoods (lots of restaurants, pubs, shops, historic buildings, that sort of thing) that aren't TOO much further to LCC/BCC than these suburbs?

Good access to the slopes is the priority, but I'm willing to drive a bit further if it means I don't have to stay next to a mall surrounded by fast food and chain restaurants.

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You might try the Sugar House neighborhood.  We eat there on one trip last year.  I am pretty sure it is an upscale area tucked into southeastern SLC along I-80.   Easy access to BCC & LCC.  One of the local bears might be able shed alittle better light on it for you.  Good luck and I am interested to see what other responses you get as I ski SLC alot. 

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Greetings..got here researching home-made boot dryers.  I live in Cottonwood Heights, formerly a east coaster.  Seriously, the valley is filled with franchise restaurants and shopping malls.  If you want "night life" than downtown is the place.  20 minutes from BCC or LCC then 12 miles up the canyon it is really the only choice.  UTA buses make it easy if it's dumping in the canyon and you don't have a 4x4 or chains.  The parking lots fill up on those days so don't be late. 
If you want to really experience this side of the Wasatch, then stay in the Canyon and ditch the car.  Rustic to Luxury you will not be disappointed.  The Alta Peruvian Lodge, Alta Lodge can't be beat in my book for LCC.  Silver Fork Lodge in BCC is a local favorite.  Steeped in ski history and folklore. 

Two different experiences, that can't be beat.  Good luck!

See you on the Wasatch front!
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sugar house is about it for interesting neigborhoods. pretty much everything outside of downtown and sugar house is one giant strip mall. cottonwood heights and sandy are nicer than midvale, but still pretty boring. nothing in the area is really far from lcc and bcc. slc is not the place to go for nightlife.
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Depending on when you're going you may want to consider staying at the Cliff Lodge and Spa at Snowbird. It's ski-in/ski-out with a rooftop pool and hot tub facing the slopes.  How cool is that? 

When I was researching where to stay in order to ski Alta/Snowbird, I found that basically there are two options: You either stay on the mountain at the resort, or you stay 15-20 min away in SLC and hope that they don't get dumped on and close the road to the resort. I don't know how frequently that happens, but how bad would it suck to get a huge dump, and only the people at the resort can ski it?

That, plus the fact that it's not that much more expensive to stay at the resort vs. that marriott you linked. I remember looking at that and being shocked at their prices for being so far away from the resort. In my opinion, it seems like a much more fun/interesting experience to just take the shuttle from the airport, which is $30/pp each way, stay at the resort, and forget about the car. That's what our group is doing anyway.
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Thanks guys. The more I plan the trip, the more I don't mind staying in a kind of blah area, if it means I'm in a good location to get to Alta, Snowbasin AND Solitude (the 3 I want to ski). Slopeside is always best but maybe that's next trip, if we fall in love with one particular area.

Also slopeside seems like such a bad value. I don't mind spending money on a hotel, but I hate a bad value. The cheapest queen room with bath I found at Alta is $376+ tax+ 15% service charge (??) and the room was pretty utilitarian. (That's more than I pay for entire condos at Whistler or in CO). Cliff Lodge is $333 before tax but as an intermediate I'm not planning on going to Snowbird. Meanwhile the best rated hotels on Trip Advisor in Sandy and Cottonwood Heights are around $100 including breakfast (a couple of these even have kitchens) and they're also on Priceline, so I bet I can get them for less. We'll take the bus up if we can't drive up due to snow.

A number of people have recommended the Sugar House neighborhood, but my hotel options there don't look that great. But I'll keep it in mind for restaurants, etc--thanks.
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Yeah, it totally depends on when you go re: rates at Cliff Lodge. We got it for $75/nt in late January.
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I am staying at the BW Cotton Tree Inn in Sandy.  We got $76 a night for a 14 advance purchase.  We are going 2/4 thru 2/8.
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Puckit, I saw that same rate. That's really good.
Ryan, weird, I wonder why it's so cheap for you--$260+tax a night cheaper than for us??? Our trip covers the second weekend in January, which is even "low season" at some places, regular season at others (but never "high).
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That is way to cheap for the Cliff Lodge.  Can't be right.
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I did not see anything quite that cheap, but I did see some _very_ good deals on thet Snowbird website.  They had quite specific conditions -- nothing I could use, of course.  It does seem odd that the 1st week in Feb would be a week with deals, though.

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Originally Posted by Puck it View Post

That is way to cheap for the Cliff Lodge.  Can't be right.

It was a sick, sick deal. If you search for these dates: Jan 19-23, you will see that the rate is still very low (you must check travel sites like travelocity or expedia, not snowbird booking). Not as low as it was last week when I booked, but it's still buy 3 nights, get the 4th night free, for an average price of $100/nt. It's ONLY for that week though. Any other week and the price is much higher. I don't know why, but my guess is that it has to do with being right after MLK weekend and perhaps a lot of rooms still available? Anyway, it's a steal.
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We ended up doing Hotwire and got the Best Western Cottontree in Sandy for $66. Quite a deal. Sandy would definitely not be a place I'd spend time in for any other reason, but it was a good base for a first Utah ski trip. We went through Cottonwood Heights at one point and that looked even more convenient to the LCC/BCC resorts, and a bit less depressing than the rest of Sandy. I think the Marriott there was going for $199 for our dates, but you can try to get it through Priceline for less (I tried and couldn't get it for under $100).
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You got a really good deal at The Cottonwood. The guy I go out and ski with is next door at the Extended Stay for the winter and he puts his guests up at the Best Western. I thought last year the Best Western was bout $140. At $66 you ae only a couple of bucks higher than the Extended Stay.

Good thing about the location is the # of places to eat. Ski shop with discount tickets right around the corner. Very traffic congested area in the PM .
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I just stayed at La Quinta for $36/night in Sandy, breakfast included.  A very nice, clean hotel, if nothing over the top.  Whole trip including 6 days of superpass and airfare was $765 a person. We spent under $100 each on food, and under $30 each on cabs.
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^^^^^  I stay at the laquinta every year and find it perfectly suited to a skiers needs...its cheap, clean, hot tub, great breakfast included. I also get the superpass because it gives you a free bus ride and trax ride (light rail train) daily. The laquinta is located 2 blocks from the train station so scooting in to salt lake city is uber convenient and the daily bus pass gets you up the canyon when its dumping snow and they have a closure.
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