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Apache Sidewinder? Stöckli Stormrider AT? GAS...

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me: (advanced?) intermediate skier, fairly athletic, 6'3" , 170lbs. boots are tecnica magnesiums. skiing days are somewhat limited but years of excessive snowboarding make up for that in terms of snow experience. with snowboarding, i focus on touring and backcountry these days. skiing therefore is mainly a resort experience, groomers, some tracked out offpiste, the occasional powder stash, moguls on the last descent back to base station.

snow conditions i encounter range from icey hardpack to powder snow, but kinda mixed and not too extreme in either direction usually. the alps, simply put.

i used to have a pair of K2 axis cross mountain, 70 waist, (ski is identical W/ K2 axis) in 174, which i really liked. i was pushing them, but they were up to it and i liked the way they allowed both skidded turns and carving and their forgivingness in general. i like to go fast, though. on good snow that has never been a problem with the K2s. however, they lacked a little float offpiste. which again, is not the primary objective.

now i feel like it's time to get new skis. i suppose i somewhat like K2 skis, and at my local shop apache sidewinders 177 seem affordable. 74 waist.

since i once had the chance to demo some stocklis, of which i liked most, a stockli stormrider AT 174 (2007 model) cought my attention. 76 waist but less sidecut, 21 opposed to 16 for the K2.

how about these skis for my purposes? how difficult is the latter to ski? i am not afraid of not beeing able to handle it, but i rather like some ski that skis a little less demanding allowing me to focus on proper technique. still, some sort of upgrade from the K2 axis would be just fine.

the sidewinders represent about the amount of money i can spend with no regret. stormriders will be more. apache recons too.

thanks in advance for your input.
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Just no comparison between the Apache and the AT. The Stockli has a far bigger upside. It can be handled by an intermediate who's athletic, actually can deal well with skidded or pivoted turns if that's what you want, but does ask for some attention to where your body is, is amazingly smooth and planted, will grow with you. It will prefer somewhat larger turns than the Apache, and not feel as quick, but will be easy in bumps. At has a much higher speed limit. It is solid in almost everything short of off-piste deep pow. But definitely takes more focus to ski than any K2 in existence. Which within their own envelope tend to be easy to handle, forgiving, damp, versatile. Your call...
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@beyond: how much ski is the stormrider AT within the stockli line?

i once skied a laser cross (pro?) 172 and that one was way too much, skied like a plank and hardly turned an low speeds. i have much improved since then but still...
the laser LS 160 on the other hand was a breeze and felt easy to handle. snake was fun, too.

any comments on the sidewinder as such? that one is my primary choice so far for monetary reasons, and the idea that it might be the right step up from the axis i used to have.
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the skis you mentioned are very different. It's very difficult compare skis such as laser cross (pro and non-pro) with laster sl or snake.

You should decide what you prefer to do in order to choose the better ski.
In example, if you like short turns and mostly ski on piste the my choose would be the laser sl, in the other way round, if you like powder and off-piste the best would be the snake, etc.

anyway you can compare the skis you mentioned (taking particularly in consideration measures and radius) here:

Snake Coral: http://www.skidetails.com/en/skiDetail.jsp?id_model=400
Laser SL: http://www.skidetails.com/en/skiDetail.jsp?id_model=382
Laser cross: http://www.skidetails.com/en/skiDetail.jsp?id_model=391
Laser Cross Pro: http://www.skidetails.com/en/skiDetail.jsp?id_model=389

these are 07/08 models. Soon there will be also 09 models
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Originally Posted by snowdan View Post
@beyond: how much ski is the stormrider AT within the stockli line?
It was lighter, a bit flexier, more forgiving, and more oriented toward all-mountain soft snow than the XL. So suitable for athletic intermediates on up. The Cross Pro is a whole other beast, much stiffer and optimized for higher speeds and harder snow. I recall that Dawgcatching had a brief review of the AT a coupla years back if you want another take.

Can't really speak directly to the Sidewinder. I've skied the Apache narrowish carver, Recon, and Outlaw; all were smooth and competent, versatile, none really rocked my world. For me, K2 AM's are beefier versions of Rossi's Bandit series. Great vanilla skis, no surprises, B's everywhere. Sounds like you want to get a pair, so go for it. I'm just the wrong guy to ask for reinforcement...
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ended up with a very good deal on a pair of last season's salomon w-wing 8, 174/74 waist. shape-wise somewhere in the middle between, stiffer than the average K2, hopefully providing some better hard snow qualities therefore. i'll see.
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