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theicemans refund

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Hello again. Is this issue going to end. John as I've said to you I would refund the cost of footbeds and boot work if you came in. I would remove the foam padding and takeout the footbeds but you still want to complain. Now, what can I do for you to make you happy. Tell you what, if you come in I will refund the money for the footbeds and you can still keep them. That right, free footbeds and bootwork. Just come in. And I will credit your credit card. And again the orthotics are free.
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Ceers Cheers!

Jeff Rich is making a public gesture of good business practice.

Customer satisfaction!

I applaud your efforts Jeff!


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Maybe I’m being a little slow on the uptake here, but I’m getting the impression that someone who claims to have a history of boot/fit problems (what, why?) is unable to tell that his boot is the wrong basic size – before he starts to ‘fine tune’ them with inserts and molded footbeds. Sorry, but this has ‘stink’ and ‘Denmark’ in the gaps between the words.
Boot manufacturers use different computer ‘lasts’ in their design process and their boots tend to be long, wide, short or narrow on a basic size. The ski bible magazines highlight this in their equipment reviews and since most people have had their feet for a long time, they should dam well know what their foot shape is! It’s pretty simple to choose a manufacturer to suit your stinkers and to choose a size that allows an adequate range of adjustment for fit and skiing level (ever notice that the best ski racers don’t use new kit? – it’s usually smashed, bashed and repeatedly repaired).
Fine tuning your boots will make bugger-all difference to the ability of a majority of skiers, but it will allow them to spend more time on snow with less fatigue at the end of the day.
Iceman should take his head out of his butt and his wallet out of Kmart and buy his equipment for it’s suitability and not it’s pricepoint. It’s his responsibility to know if his boots fit at the time of purchase, and you don’t blame someone else for your own mistake . . .
. . . well slap me with a pair of plywood 2.3s, I forgot, this is America where it’s my right to blame someone else for my screw-ups!
I think Mr. Rich is being more than generous; Personally I’d tell the booger to go find out why his feet are so unique that he can’t tell what fits them.
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Here's an idea....since the original thread was obnoxious enough to have been locked, how 'bout those involved rely on less public means of communication.
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I'm sending him a letter by snail mail, and including an SSAE. If he's serious he can send a check.

I am NOT going back to his office. When the Intuition liners arrive, I'll have them installed near the mountain, and throw the ruined liners away.
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Jeffrey's effort to make the client happy is commendable.

Let's consider this topic closed as far as the public forum goes. Thank you.
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