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Durango opening date

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I was curious if there is a history of Durango (Purgatory) opening dates somewhere, and whether it was the whole are or just a WROD.

We might go Dec. 18-21 this year, and was wondering what the average snow cover might be like.

And yes, I know past returns are not indicative of future performance...


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Historically Purgatory always opened for Thanksgiving. After losing $$ most years on the early season snowmaking costs and small crowds they decided a planned late opening date last year, which was around the 3rd week of December. I've heard that they plan on doing the same thing this year, unless they get monster early season snow.

As for conditions that early, it is always a gamble. Some years we have the best snow in the Rockies, but most years it is pretty thin. We are way far south and it stays warm late into the fall. My guess is that you are looking at a 50/50 chance (at best) of good natural snow with the entire mountain open that early. But there will undoubtedly be some pretty fair intermediate cruising open. If it is the usual marginal snowpack for that time of year they will not open the back half of the mountain until the Christmas crowds arrive.
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Thanks MF

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