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Atomic Snoops or Volkl Mantras

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What do you all think would be a better overall ski for Vail, Tahoe and Mammoth?
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i'm a big believer that you start looking within a general GENRE of skis based on your criteria for usage. but at some point, you can only start narrowing down which ski is right for you based on FEEL. what do i mean? well, the mantra and snoop daddy are going to have a similar performance envelope. groomer performance, crud performance, pow performance... all the skis in the category are going to be SOMEWHAT similar in all these aspects. they all balance these categories differently, but NONE of them will be on a COMPLETELY different planet from the rest. so which ski should you go with then? well, ask yourself: historically, what FEEL have the skis you've liked had? light or heavy? soft or stiff? lively or damp? small or large turn radius? etc... answer these questions and you'll be more likely to end up with a ski that you really LOVE to be on. but of course, there is no real substitute for demoing

EDIT: but, fwiw, it DOES sound like you are at least looking in the right genre of skis. it would also help if you posted your specs (size, ability, etc.)
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OK, I like your reply, it actually make sense ;-) Let me give it a try... I'm 6"2, 200lb, probably 8 out of 10 skier, ski Squaw, Tahoe. Currently on Atomic Metron 172cm, love to spend at least 30% of my day in moguls.
I'm trying to decide between Atomic Snoop Daddy and Head Mojo 94. What do you think? I personally leaning toward Atomic but have a hard time to decide between 176 and 184. Any recommendations?


p.s. "no real substitute for demoing" ;-)
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Short and sweet. Thank you!
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 Not either. I'd go for the Line Prophet 100's. I had last year's Mantra's -- the only reason you'd want to get these is so you could ski groomers more often then not rather than a dedicated big mountain ski. It skied fair, but felt like a fat GS carver.
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Thanks guys. Now i have a question about bindings. I was going to go with Atomic Neox 614 bindings (found a good deal on those) but somebody just told me that this wouldn't be the right binding for the wide ski like Snoop Daddy is and recommended something like Atomic FFG14 or Market Griffon.Any suggestions?
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