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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by David Goldsmith:

then we must hope that the committee give him the benefit of the doubt.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I really hope so too, but historical precedent is against him (assuming the 2nd test is positive), and the IOC rules are very strict regarding drug testing.

My guess is that if the second test is positive, then he will have to go through the courts to clear his name, and by the time he clears his name the damage will have been done, the public (especially with the vindictive British press egging them on)will have forever condemned him as a drug cheat and forgotten him, and he can kiss those endorsements and his reputation goodbye.

That sounds harsh...but I think it could be the ugly reality.

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Yeah the British media are poised to rip him to shreds, once they've done with the "Aviemore stands by the Highlander" stuff.

And it's just so wonderful to see how the English media are now referring to him as "Scottish skier Alain Baxter", having been oh so happy to claim him as "British" just a short week ago...

: :
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Yeah, I noticed that on Radio 1 the other day - no longer is he British, he's now Scottish.
But then again, I'm mighty brassed off at the English Rugby Board - they ahd no time to review Martin Johnson's case before either the Ireland or France matches (the two keys to their potential grand-slam), but as soon as they were over, wow, they found the time!

Ooops, I spoke about Rugby there, not skiing.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by TheRockSkier:

Not at all. He has slaved his guts out at a sport he loves to get to the top, probably with enormous personal sacrifice along the way, and it is fantastic that he is in reach of financial rewards to make up for the years he has spent bumming it and building fences in the off-season to save enough to be able to equip himself and race again. It is the dream of every aspiring national level racer to be able to achieve this sort of goal, i.e be paid for doing what you love. Don't you agree?

Agree entirely with everything you've said. What I was inferring was that the importance of money has superceded the Olympian achievement. Of course the latter is a vehicle to the former, but still. The saddest aspect of this all for me is that a Brit had won an Alpine skiing medal for the first time ever and this feat could quite possibly have kickstarted a British Ski revolution (hey we can dream) and all that is put at risk by recent events. Furthermore Alain Baxter's folk hero status is now at risk and he doesn't deserve this if all he's done is take an OTC cold remedy.
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Despite the UK media's best efforts to sow the seeds of doubt, people who know Baxter - and know of him through ski connections - are continuing to back the guy 100%.

Anyone who's interested might want to visit his website - it really is impressive how much support he's getting.

So I'll just add my two cents-worth: Good luck next week, Alain.
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By the way...

methamphetamine is commonly known as Speed.

Also, drug tests generally look for metabolites of the drug, not the drug itself, because that's gone from the system too fast.

A great deal of leading edge nutritional supplements are being found to cause false positives.

Cell-Tech, from Muscletech R&D has that problem sometimes in terms of causing false positives for steroids.

I've used methamphetamine. Many years ago, back in my wilder days, but I still remember it...
I seriously doubt that any athlete would use it before competition. What you gain in stamina and aggression is more than lost in edge and balance.
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Methamphetamine is commonly known as Speed. I beleive users are know as Tweekers in this neck of the woods.
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We need to have two seperate Olympics, a clean Olympics and:

SNL Transcript:

Dennis Miller: In response to what its sponsors claim is an idea whose time has come, the first All-Drug Olympics opened today in Bogota, Columbia. Athletes are allowed to take any substance whatsoever before, after, and even during the competition. So far, 115 world records have been shattered! We go now to correspondent Kevin Nealon, live in Bogota for the Weightlifting Finals. Kevin?

Kevin Nealon: Dennis, getting ready to lift now is Sergei Akmudov of the Soviet Union. His trainer has told me that he's taken antibolic steroids, Novacaine, Nyquil, Darvon, and some sort of fish paralyzer. Also, I believe he's had a few cocktails within the last hour or so. All of this is, of course, perfectly legal at the All-Drug Olympics, in fact it's encouraged. Akmudov is getting set now, he's going for a cleaning jerk of over 1500 pounds, which would triple the existing world record. That's an awful lot of weight, Dennis, and here he goes.

[ Kevin steps aside to reveal the steroid-bulked athlete bent over to lift the 1500 lbs. weight. Sergei tightens his grip on the barbells and pulls up, but instead of lifting the weights, his arms are pulled off and blood squirts ferociously out of his pulpy stubs.]

Kevin Nealon: Oh! He pulled his arms off! He's pulled his arms off, that's gotta be disappointing to the big Russian! [Sergei's trainer wraps a towel around him ] You know, you hate to see something like this happen, Dennis! He probably doesn't have that much pain right now, but I think tomorrow he's really gonna feel that, Dennis! Back to you!

Dennis Miller: Thank you, Kevin. Very nice form on the Russian. Canada, of course, is leading that competition.
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Update...Finland now leads followed by Russia and one expatriate spanish kraut!
I'm with Dennis...who cares if Ben J. took so much his eyes turned yellow and his gonads shrunk into raisonettes! He is still the world's fastest human! It ain't like he had a rocket up his a$$!
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I love to see MadTV take on this..
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