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06/07 vs 07/08 Mantra

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I'm looking at picking up a 177 cm Mantra and have choices between the previous two model years (the black one and the red one). Is there any significant difference between the two models?
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the 07/08 is 2mm wider. I wouldn't call that 'significant' but it is different.
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You can look up the info for the last 3 years.



Otherwise the same.
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Unless things are different here, you're looking at the 06/07 (red) vs the 05/06 (black) Mantras, and I believe they're supposed to be the same ski, just different topsheets.
The 07/08 is more or less white, with the sword (which, of course, is a katana in Japanese and so caused a bit of confusion!) and is the model that became a bit wider.
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