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Junior wants to move up

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Background: #1 son is 16, but small for his age, currently 5' - 2" and about 110 lbs. Very aggressive, top-notch skier, loves to ski fast and is now getting into the gates, but I don't think he'll do much racing this year. He's bugging me about a "true" racing ski for the upcoming season. He is currently on the Volkl P40 Jr model (160 cm) from two seasons ago (the red/white model = but he's only had them for one season).

Question: I don't expect to get him 'new' gear this year except to replace his boots which he grew out of (Man, these growth spurts are hard on the old man's pocketbook!). But in thinking about this, at what point does your junior skier move up to so-called adult skis, especially if he/she is a racer? Most junior lines end at around 160 cm. But in today's new slalom skis, 160 cm skis are being used by 5'-10" 180 lbs adults. Whadda ya think, Bears?

P.S. I did keep him in Junior boots, but opted for a slightly stiffer boot than the salesman recommended. Although he could flex the boot we purchased in the store, the salesman didn't think he would be able to sufficiently flex the boot once he was out skiing and the boot stiffened up in the cold.
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re-read what you wrote: But in today's new slalom skis, 160 cm skis are being used by 5'-10" 180 lbs adults. It is not height or age that makes ski work, it is weight. Your son just doesn't have th girth to ski that 160cm race ski. Now on thew other hand, you are dealing with the psycie od a 16 year old boy on a junior ski when all of his ski buddies will be on the real thing. I know I am not answering your question, just adding thinds that need to be figured into yout equasion.
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He sounds like he's still a pretty tiny guy. I'd say keep him on his junior skis. I have a racer 135lbs 5'6'', aggressive about the same profile and he was skiing on a pair of 170 Rossignol 9X 10.2. He managed to free ski on them pretty well but he couldn't turn them in a race to save his life. Half way through the season we put him back on a pair of 160 atomics and he started smokin.
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My son spent last season as (an "illegal")J5 he is only 75 pounds and has had 150 Atomics and Volkl P-30's as his race skis. His "cruisers" are the green/black 163 P-40's.

He was thunder struck the other night when we buying his 02 race skis and the recommendation was 138........ The trend is downward. See the comments by Ed Green from a few weeks ago. The emphasis is on perfecting the carve at this point and minimizing skid/slide to make the gates.
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Tag, I wouldn't switch before 130lbs. I know how your son must feel on the jr skis though. When I graduated from high school I was only 4'11" and 96 lbs. I didn't reach my full height until I was 21.
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Thanks for the thoughts. I should clarify that I'm not going in for new skis this year. First, he hasn't outgrown the skis that he has. The Volkl's are about mid-forehead on him. Second, they are a good all-purpose racing ski, working well in both GS and slalom, especially given that all of his racing is recreational at this time. Aside here: this year finally he wants to join the race team at school...except that his new school doesn't offer alpine racing as a winter sport! The point of the question was more along what do the Bear's think are general guidelines for moving a junior skier up to an adult ski rather than should my son move up? It used to be almost soley based on height. Do you think it's now height and weight? Is weight more important? What about agressiveness and ablility?

Pierre, you sound like most of my brother-in-laws. They all continued to grow into their twenties like you. I do tell my son that he will get bigger, just like his uncles, and to be patient, but it's hard to be nearly a head shorter than all of your classmates (and all the girls in the class too for that matter )
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I think you need to see how he is using the ski that he's on. If he is bending the ski in a carve and getting a nice arc he may be just fine. My son does not have the weight and mass to bend his 163's at 75 pounds so they won't be his race skis.
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