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"Recovery Mode" bad? TdF

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Took my bike in for a tune-up and was given a "Cycle Sport" (UK) magazine, post-Tour edition, that they were going to throw out. In the mag they discussed the rest day routines, which tend to include a two- or three-hour ride, sometimes more, but rarely less, and when less, how that can be to the detriment of the rider. They cited a couple examples of riders who may've done themselves a disservice by riding for "only" an hour, and how such relatively little exertion can toss one into recovery mode, which is undesirable, which surprised me. One rider mentioned feeling "heavy" and how it hurt his performance.

I had assumed these guys would lay out immobile except to eat when they had a chance. Can anyone explain to me (because the magazine didn't get into it) how taking it "too easy" in the midst of such a grueling endeavor obstructs optimum performance.

I just assumed serious rest would be the call.

edit: okay, well, i found this: http://www.trainright.com/articles.asp?uid=2296

guess i coulda searched before posting.
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Scar tissue formation among muscle fibers?
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You may want to do a search on active versus passive recovery. I believe that you will find some more articles to your liking.


FWIW, in some athletes, (such as myself (used loosely)), the build up of toxins takes until the second day to take full effect.

Recovery times differ in athletes. Some athletes prefer an active recovery as it speeds their transition back into training and racing. Others prefer the passive approach. There are all sort of variations in between. ie passive rest on the second post race day.
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I am finding that for me, active recovery is really key to not feeling pain. It helps to move toxins out of my muscles and keep me loose. When I have a hard workout and then completely rest the next day I'm done. And if I'm lifting weights a short swim of 20-30 minutes afterward is incredible in the difference it makes. That's not to say that I don't take rest days I'm just saying that I can see how in the midst of events like that these guys wouldn't want to let their bodies be too immobile.
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I think we're drifting off topic a bit here.

As I read it, these guys did not want to be in 'active recovery' mode, but rather in light on-day mode.

I'm betting the answer has something to do with teeny scar tissue formation after an inflammation response, but I do not know.
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I have found rarely takin a day off is the best way to keep getting faster riding longer. Even for an hour or 2 going moderately seem to do the trick.

2 or 3 days off and I still ride strong but I ache for the first couple climbs.
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I may be a bit off target. What the heck? This looked like a good article. I thought it had a good layout for basic training/ racing schedule. Some explaination about lacate levels and recovery.

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