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CO / Summit / Epic Passes

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I have a few questions regarding the past trends with these passes:

1) How much does the price increase between now and Dec? You need to be in person to actually purchase it, but I don't live in CO and can not purchase a pass until Dec.

2) What have these resorts done as far % discount for buddy passes?


Thank You.
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You may not be able to purchase any at that time but the Epic Pass can be purchased online so I'd do that now.

Buddy passes range anywhere from a $5-$25ish discount depending on time of season, snowfall, holidays etc.
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Epic pass must be bought by mid-November. Those that don't live in Colorado and can't easily show up in person can buy the Ski3 pass good at Breck/Keystone/A-Basin online. Basically the same as the Summit pass and on sale through early January.
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