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Snoop Daddy 184 or 192

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Buying this ski.

Me 195 lbs, 5'11, level 8-9 skier.

I am worried about the 184 being too short, I had this problem with my 174 K2 PE's.

I know the 184 is 10 cm longer, but at only 2m > radius for the 192, isnt it worth it?

I know I might die if i go exploring in the trees, but I dont do that very often.

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If you are an aggressive skier who likes to go fast, get the long ski. 184 is not a long ski for someone your weight who is competent on skis, and likes to let them run.

The trend toward short skis has largely been driven by the industry's focus on intermediate skiers who have trouble turning longer skis, because they fear speed and the pull of gravity, and are willing to sacrifice stability for easy turning.

If you tend toward controlling your speed by turning often, get the 184s, if you like to charge the hill, get the 192s.
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I saw your previous threads about this too, and I think that you may be too hung up on radius numbers. A 192 will ski quite differently from a 184 no matter what size turns you are making. The 192 Snoop will be stiffer and (I think) wider than the 184, which will make it more difficult to bend regardless of the turn radius. I think you need to decide WHERE you will be using these skis the most. If you are east coast and like to venture into the trees or bumps I'd go with the 184. If you are west coast and prefer to rip wide open bowls at high speeds I'd go with the 192.
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A level nine skier should manage a 191 in the trees...
Just sayin'.
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Yeah, Im skiing west coast, leaning towards the 192 now.
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192. This is a twin tip and the ~10cm tail is included in the overall length. It skis more like a conventional 182-185 ski.
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192cm you shouldnt even consider the 184
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
192cm you shouldnt even consider the 184

Thanks for giving me the answer I WANTED to hear
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