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Always put the bar down. Your lower legs are only attached by the the ligaments through the knees. If you're not resting your feet, your legs, with the added weight of the ski gear, are dangling from the ligaments.
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Actually - because of the forces experienced while carving hard, I find that it relaxs my legs for them to dangle. I also like to twist and stretch my legs.

Therefore when I'm alone on a chair with footrests, or with other pro's its usually never pulled down. If it has just a safety bar but no footrests, then thats fine.
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For the "I'm Too Cool To Use A Safety Bar" set:

Winter Park Manager Dies In Fall
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If I'm riding the lift alone which occurs alot during mid-week I'll lower the bar to adjust my boots (unbuckle) then raise it to sit across the length of chair. Once a smrt-ass, aways a smrt-ass. :
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I really don't care, unless there's a large drop. I do dislike the people who grab it and slam it down as we're loading. My helmet has more safety bar hits than anything else [img]smile.gif[/img]

I do like leaving it up on really cold days so I can swing my feet a bit.Seems to keep them warm. My friend on the other hand wants the bar down on those days. He says leaving his feet hang cuts off the circulation. We've agreed to alternate.
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posted 2x

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I always pull down the bar BUT, use off the foot rest depend on whether it's sheathed with plastic or just bar metal.
If it's just bear metal, I let my legs dangle. The last thing I want is nicked edges!
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Bars...well hell, if someone wants to use it fine, wacks me on the bucket and so forth, i gots no problems. You hit me, i light a smoke, you hit me hard enough, I'll ask to pick up the bar for an adjustment & push you off.(btw: done)

I do give "needs to know" a break, pegged/easy & usually very thankful. [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]

When I ride the lift, i don't see or hear your "Bar down", I got tunes/blinders on. Think of your next single as, not as your new friend, but just someone that has to share space, if it works out, no worries.

There are people who do things cool and it seems to just work out AND THEN there are those who need to learn, the only bar situation I worry about is My stool at Merlins, eh.

"SINGLE...???" [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

HINT: if there is no reason to ride with someone, please don't make it happen :
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I use the bar mainly for the footrest but I think they make sense for safety too. Why do they install bars without footrests? Sometimes I swing my legs but you can do this with the bar down.

For those of you who are too cool or macho to use bars. Have a think about this - why take risks when it costs nothing to avoid them?

Ski-ing off piste involves calculated risks but the pay-off is obvious. I climb. This involves risks too but I try to minimise them. There's nothing clever about taking unnecessary risks. Several top climbers have killed themselves climbing (particularly down-climbing) easy routes without protection - they got careless or unlucky. Why take the chance?
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As far as lift bars go molly greens at the base of the lift at Brighton is my favorite spot for a couple of beers, food looks pretty good too.

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Hate them.  Never use them unless stuck on a chair with some East Coast girlie boys.   Real men don't use no stinking safety bars. 

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Originally Posted by brownie_bear View Post

Hate them.  Never use them unless stuck on a chair with some East Coast girlie boys.   Real men don't use no stinking safety bars. 



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Old thread.

I don't really care much about the bar, as long as I don't get hit in the head. 

They are okay for leaning my arms on. 

I love having a footrest though, in fact I seek them out.

If the chair is wet it keeps most of my legs out of contact.

I have a few different foot positions I can use to relieve pressure from my feet.


Be aware if you are riding with me, the bar is coming down.



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I don't like getting hit in the head either, what kind of bars do you hang out in?

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I don't like the bars.  For years and years I skied and skied in the Midwest and there were no such things.  At Whitecap Mountains in Wisconsin they send you between 2 peaks up over the trees and valley with no bar and no nothing.  But once someone came up with the idea of a safety bar- all the others have followed suit- afraid to be called "unsafe".  Garbage.


I also don't like riding with people who demand they go down.  Anyone who is tall knows how uncomfortable it is to have a bar slammed across your lap.  Sometimes I can't even get my feet onto the footrest because the space between the bar and the footrest is built for short people.  


I will occasionally use them when I'm really tired.  Out west after several mogul runs it can be helpful, but mostly I do not like them and certainly don't like that they discriminate against my height.

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