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Just out of curiosity: those who don't use the bar do you use seat belts?
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with the exception of 3 lifts at work,the 16 others have footrest/ safty bars. In Utah it is not a law, nor do i think it should be.
I agree, people need to warn every one on the chair that they want the bar down. I like to ride on the far inside or outside of the chair, then i can lean my arm on the arm rest, more than a few times i have had it smashed.
As a rule i raely use them when i'am alone on the lift.With small kids, yes the bar does come down.

One way to prevent unwanted foot rests coming own, is when you load, slide your poles under one leg. Many times this stops the bar
Favoret bar,,,,, The Moose in Jackson, O'Shucks' in Park City
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When the chair has a bar, I use it figuring that it was put there for a reason and is part of the chair design and intended to work with it. At Alta, for the first time in my life I rode on chairs without bars [at the Albion area at the end of the canyon]. The chairs were very cushy, with the seat tilted in such a way that it held me in nicely. Other lifts at Alta [quad] had the bar. I personally do not like the foot rests and would be happier if they were omitted. There is no big deal to putting the bar down when it's there, and OF COURSE you be should careful putting it down! For heaven's sake! It's not rocket science and not more than being sure someone's fingers are not in the way when you slam the car door shut. I remember riding around Fort Bragg in a Huey with a general who just had to have the doors open all the way, which suited him but not me [I was riding as a civilian]. I had the damned seatbelt on so tight it almost cut me in half! If the chair is built with a bar, it's part of the design and meant to be used - and what kind of example is it for younger skiers for us to defy the use of safety devices?! Come ON! I agree with jamesdeluxe on this one.
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If I'm in a quiet resort and I get on a quad with only one other person, or alone, I like to sit in the middle (if alone), or straddle the bar support (if with someone else). Then when the bar is brought down, I have two foot rests to put my skis on, and I can spread out and relax.
The only problem is that some bar supports come back further than others and it can surprise you if your sitting forward on the seat (ouch!)

My favorite bar...
Well I don't have one, because if the craic is good, the company is friendly and the drink is flowing, that'll do me. It could be Miami, New Orleans, Sydney, Belfast, or Berlin... It could be Rotterdam or anywhere, Liverpool or Rome...

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I cant think of any lifts in the Tahoe area that have foot rests.
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You curb that anger of yours, Sugar Snack! : We're supposed to be nice to each other!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Sugar Snack:

of course we could take every thing to the nth degree.......perhaps we should start wearing a helmet when we drive.

Would you wear one if you were on a motorcycle? Every season (and I have only been riding for a couple of years) I hear stories about people dying from minor crashes in states where helmets are not required and the agrument that they died doing what they loved never quite cuts it for me. We also get about the same number of stories about people who walked away from horrific crashes because they had full gear on.

I would respectfully disagree (and that is Ok to disagree ) that it is taking it to nth degree. It is about assesing the risk and deciding what is acceptable to you.

I do not advocate that it should be a law, but if I had my kid with me on the lift the bar would be down. Could you afford to take a chance that something might happen and you may have to live with the consequences? I know I could not.

Facts are facts, opinions are mine. I trust you to know the difference.
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Some interesting comments. I didn't expect this thread to get emotional.

I tend to bring the bar down early...AFTER warning that the bar is coming down and while I watch ALL the heads to be sure no one gets surprised. I've also been hit with the bar by someone who just grabbed it and yanked. As for "landings" obviously the bar has to be up for both takeoffs and landings. It's what might happen unexpectedly in between that the bar is there for. Earthquakes? Talk about acts of God. Actually I had thought of them because most of us in the NorthWest are skiing on or near to volcanos.

Now the real question: Does Fernie have bars on its chairs?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Yak:
I cant think of any lifts in the Tahoe area that have foot rests.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

new Lincoln Express at Sugarbowl
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I remember from that 1 brief year that I taught skiing (not enough powder time, so I've moved upwards and onwards) that at PCMR there was no bar on the beginner lifts and that there was some rational as to why. We had red tape on the metal bars that support the chair on the side and taught the kids to always have at least one hand on that. I've noticed that none of the beginner lifts in Utah, except maybe Chickadee at the'Bird have bars either, is there some sort precedent here because I can't remember the reasoning??? :
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I just re-read PowderJunkie's second post and for some reason I didn't notice the section about instructors. Our SSD announced during our lineup/safety meeting this weekend that he had received an email from a concerned guest that they noticed a group of children/students that were riding up the beginner chair with an instructor that the safety bar was not down. As part of our cert process, one of the things we are to promote during our lessons is Safety. The best way is by example so our charge was to always use the safety bar if available.

On another note, There have been several occasions that I have been skiing with friends or even asked to ride up with a SS because the instructor teaching the class (before I became an instructor) wanted to make sure the children were not riding alone. In many cases these were on chair that had no safety bar. I always had a habit of putting my ski poles across the children's laps and if there was a place to "hook" the end behind part of the chair, I did so. I remembered as a child my father doing this for me and I always felt more comfortable while riding the chair as a kid so I just "instinctivly" did it as an adult for other kids.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by eug:
Just out of curiosity: those who don't use the bar do you use seat belts? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Darn right I use a seatbelt in a car. I also eat pretzls while watching T.V. I understand you can get hurt doing that too
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I seem to remember somewhere (Deer valley?) that had a lift with automatic safety bars and foot rests. As the chair exited the loading area the foot rest came up under you and the bar came down. Then as you entered the unloading area the foot rest dropped away and the bar went up. Anyone ever encounter one of these?
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the reason i have told from the powers above why there isn't any safty bars on beginner lifts, alot of childern aren't strong enough to raise them. Plus kids, no matter how well raised aren't paying full attention when they are riding the lift.Thus they would forget to raise the bar.
Sorry dchan,
Deer Valley has never had automatic bars on any of it's lifts.

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Thanks TR@DV
I wonder where I saw them. I would have thought that DV "resort where all the modern comforts are" might have been the place. I have only skied there one time. The thing biggest thing I remember was pulling up in our car (rented suv) and seeing someone come trotting out to take our skis (off the car) and carry them to the waiting area while we went to purchase tickets. (do they still do this?) Talk about service!
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I have vague memories of a chair as dchan describes (and, although my brother instructs there, I've never been to DV). The Vista Bahn in Vail (original high speed quad) has a bubble cover in addition to the bar/foot rest. As the chair enters the top terminal the entire affair is lifted out of the way automatically. I'm not sure all that mechanical wonder has survived the years. It seemed like kind of a waste at the time.
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PJ, Maybe that's where I remember it from. I was in Vail about 5 years ago..
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Another thing I heard was that instructors with kids must always ride in the lead chair (when the class is more than one full chair). This is in case they have to yell out to tell the class something. If the kids are in the chair ahead of the instructor they have a habit of turning around, straightening their body and letting go of the bar in front of them, putting them at risk of sliding straight out from under the bar.
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Yes Dchan, we still have Guest Services take the skis off the car rack, and place them on the ski racks near the ticket office.
I wonder what the attendees of NSAA(national ski area assocation )thought yesterday when thier busses pulled up at Snowpark yesterday, and Guesst Services was there to pull 90 pairs of skis off 3 busses [img]smile.gif[/img]
I asked the guys in black ( lift maint.
why we don't have bubbles on our detachables, and they say there is alot of maintiance on bubble chairs. Plus the cost to add them is quite exspensive.
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bar down, automatic. I never gave it a 2nd thought, it's like buckling up in the car. Both America and Europe.
When i grab it first and there are other chairmates, i let them know, i just say "Bar".
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No bars at Baker. They used to have them, but with snow falling at 33 degrees, sticking like porridge, and then freezing the bars in place by the time the chairs got back to the bottom, folks were either not being able to get out of the chairs at the top or were being swept into the safety nets at the loading platforms by bars that would not raise.
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I always put the bar down. Sometimes saying "bar!" and I am bringing it down slowly. As mentioned by TomB, I think it is mandatory in Ontario and Quebec and it is enforced by many lift operators.
If it has a footrest (and many have), that's great. But for some reason I often put only one foot on the footrest and let the other one hanging.
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Usually, the bar goes down. There is a good footrest on the east coast (mostly) and signs in some states that putting it down is mandatory. I got used to doing this when I had the kind of poles with the plastic handles that one could attach onto it.

I always lock my own car doors too, even in the driveway. Used to hate wearing seat belts, but fearing the air bag has goaded me into it.

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I always wear my seatbelt. After living in Chicago locking my car has become ingrained. I hate to fly as I am in a tube off the ground and not in control. But, I feel, maybe foolishly, totally at home, relaxed and secure on chairlifts. I never think of the bar. Except as I said earlier when someone brings it down on top of my head.

I also ski fast next to trees, often turning right at them knowing I will be making another turn. I ski in trees, but not alone. Etc.

Self-preservation is a weird thing. Sometimes it is on full-blast; other times it's not even idling.
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I don't think I've ever been in a chair without a bar. It always comes down. Footrests are just for comfort, but the bar is for safety.
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Until I read this thread I never really thought much about the bar being there for safety reasons. I always figured it was primarily for convenience--a good place to rest your feet and maybe lean on. I'm ambivalent about putting the bar down. I'd probably keep it up if I was the only one on the chair.

I definitely always use a seatbelt and after this thread I'll probably put more thought into the bar on the chair next time. Interesting how adamant some people are about this!
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To quote Eric, Stan and Cartman...

"Safety bars are TOTALLY gay..."

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Happy April Fools Day!
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My favorite bar is in Minturn
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My favorite bar?

Well, that varies, but there are two requirements:
1. Copious amounts of alcohol
2. Staff that can't remember whether they've banned me or not.

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