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Help on a major edge blowout.

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I am hoping there are some tech's in here that have dealt with a major edge blowout. The edge had a crack in one spot all the way through the rail, and also featured a broken piece that peeled out of the base layer.

This is what the ski looked like when I received it:

I have since cleaned the ski up a bit and removed the broken section of edge. I also removed the base layer in that section. The section is 21cm x 2cm aft of the boot sole length marker.

My plan is to attain this type of edge or use edge material that I already have that looks somewhat different. I plan on using an actual ski industry epoxy with 22oz tri-axial weaved glass under the base layer. I plan to drill tiny holes into the edge and attain very small screws to screw it into the core, and pour epoxy between the edge and core material. Clamp it down and wait. . . then a stone grind and edge grind.

Do you guys have any ideas/input? Is this too big of a section to repair?


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You've already done the major part of the work.
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The question is, is the ski worth it? Those skis have tons of damage that might be repaired and base welded, but what is the ski? Does it still have useful life? Considering what you can buy a new ski from last-year's inventory for today, I doubt I'd bother with this.
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I don't know if anything is 'worth it.' I use +9 pairs of skis. The ski is an atomic sx:b5 174cm. It has tons of life left in it.

I know exactly what I can pro deal etc for prices, but I am also building my own planks. I've been bothering with total junk for my entire life.

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Have you seen this article from Telemark Tips on fixing an edge blow-out?
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thank you Cirquerider,

super informative and will my next few days

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I have an edge that seperated from the ski about 10 inches from the tail. It still has the base material attached to the edge.
Does any know how to post images so that I can show you.
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Originally Posted by The-Mantra View Post
..Does any know how to post images so that I can show you.
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