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New Lift at Snowmass

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So Sheer Bliss has finally come down and a new quad being put in it's place. The new ride promises to drop you off with access to the Cirque poma which will improve things quite a bit. Laps on the headwall are a little more in reach.

The old Bliss was a great double with leg support for those take a break moments and 16 minutes of trying to keep the lighter going.

Is your hill getting you to the goods quicker this year?

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I think this will be a nice improvement. I always like this side of the burn better and now you can do quick laps into the Cirque, AMF and Gowdys.

Plus they gladed the area between Mushroom Bowl and Hyde Park at Highlands.
Highlands just keeps getting better and better!
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Can't wait to try it out.
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