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I've owned a WRX for about 5 months now, about 9500 miles. Other than a rattling clutch that is being replaced under warranty, and minor trim issues, the car has been great. It's also a good platform for mods - there are people clearing 400 hp on the stock engine and transmission, with about $5000 total into a turbo, injectors, full exhaust, engine management, etc.

I would suggest checking out the www.i-club.com forums. You should be able to find out just about anything over there. I'm "Red Rocket" over there (red car).

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Uh...just for the record..it's got 227 horsepower.

I'll be getting a Silverthorn wagon in a few months. A tip(if you can wait for 6 months): Join the IMBA(International Mountain Bike Association) for $20, and after 6 months, you can get ANY Subaru at invoice guaranteed. I'm into it for 10 months now, and just haven't decided if I want to subject a new car to Boston. I had an A4 all modded out for a few years...regualr poster still over on Audiworld. But the Rex is so much better performance-wise right out of the box than any Audi. All it needs is tires, and stiffer suspension, and some race pads and you're all set for track events.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Sugar Snack:
They are!!! My Passat felt like a toy car next to that thing.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I parked next to one at Fred Meyer the other day and couldn't believe the size. For a second I wanted to wait until the owner came out so I could ask him/her "didn't they have anything bigger?" [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I am on my third Subaru back in Oz. Currently I have a Liberty RX 2.5 wagon which is basically the US Legacy but the "road\sports" version with lower suspension, low profile tires, mags & skirts etc. I would have bought the WRX but back in Oz they are thief magnets. Next car will be the twin turbo version RX (called a B4 in Oz). I drove an Audi RS4 estate in Ireland some years back and it was a blast. The poor mans Audi (Subaru) comes in at A$40K and the Audi is A$150K. (which is half a beach house in price difference) Sure the Audi goes faster but my Subaru has every Audi option except the twin turbos.. I was working towards the Audi but got a divorce and a plane ticket to the states instead ...

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Fox, what about the red Cougar convertable from OHMSS that did pretty well in the snow
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Or how bout the 1970 Mercury Marauder I drove around Steamboat in the winter of 1989, on all seasons....

Nothing like a 429 mated with a posi rear....
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Subaru likes to claim the Outback as "The World's first Sport Utility Wagon"

However, I distincly remember tooling around Summit County in an AMC Eagle 4x4 wagon in 1989. That WAS The World's first Sport Utility Wagon. (and it didn't look very different from a current Outback).
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by man from oz:
I was working towards the Audi but got a divorce and a plane ticket to the states instead ...

good choice
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by michaelHunt:

still havent heard about how the WRX performs in snow and ice. i know it handles superbly and is able to drift with all four on loose dirt and gravel. anyone know how the low range is for traction in the snow? QB]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I'm still driving the WRX I bought new in 1996. Its now done 90,000 miles, and looks like it will easily do the same again.

Handling and traction on snow and ice depends entirely on tires - road tires = better than 2wd but you'll still need chains sometimes, with good snow tires = superb.

The WRX doesn't have a low range - only the non-turbo models do. Best benefits of low range are not traction, but better engine braking, and closer gear ratios.

The only real downside of a WRX for skiing is ground clearance - we have some knarly skifield roads in NZ and I've heard of the odd punctured petrol tank etc on rocks. The floor pan on mine has some serious dings in it. They don't seem to slow it down tho'

And far as non-snow driving goes - the car is a legend, and all you've heard is true. I don't think you'll miss the Lexus....
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by PNWBRIT:
Fox, what about the red Cougar convertable from OHMSS that did pretty well in the snow<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Apart from the problem with the battery! Although, if I had Countess Theresa in my car, I'd try to find any excuse to stop at a barn!

OK, confession time, that is my favorite Bond flick, closely followed by TSWLM.

(And the reason I bought a DVD player, when they announced they were releasing the complete set, which I now have)

And now you know OHMSS is my favorite Bond, that explains the original location for the first Barking Leprechauns meeting.
Barking Leprechauns Thread

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Fox it's a good movie but it could have been a great with Connery. I'd rank it above all the Moore and Dalton films. What are the extra features like on the old Bond movies?
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Subarus are great cars and I'd love a WRX in my garage. But I absolutely guarantee that long after your WRX is sitting with its wheels in the air and belly on the snow my Jeep will come smoking past you. Eventually you just get to the point where ground clearance counts.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by JohnH:
Subaru likes to claim the Outback as "The World's first Sport Utility Wagon"

However, I distincly remember tooling around Summit County in an AMC Eagle 4x4 wagon in 1989. That WAS The World's first Sport Utility Wagon. (and it didn't look very different from a current Outback).

Hey! What about my 1983 Toyota Tercel 4WD wagon?
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PNWBRIT - I think we'll move to a different topic for the Bondage...

And here it is...


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If you buy before test driving an AUdi, you are cheating yourself. Push it to the limit and it pushes right back, the Scoob will just back you off the edge. Trust me, it is funner, although stock is a little less HP, you can get the A4 up to over 300hp with not too much cash ($3k)
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I really like my A4, it's a shame it's going back at the end of February. (company car)
My only bad experience with it was when a terrorist thought it would be a good idea to blow it up. Thankfully, he was a true Irishman. He burnt his lips on the exhaust.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by gonzostrike:
Hey! What about my 1983 Toyota Tercel 4WD wagon?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

hey what about the 1978 Subaru DL 4x4 Wagon.

Actually the best snow car I ever owned was a HG Holden sedan with a blue printed 161 motor, three on the tree, a potato sack of sand in the trunk and some ripper retread mud tires on the back. 6 winters of Oz dirt snow roads with 5 Ski Instructors on board. Never put chains on it once and out ran a Police Landcruiser 4x4 in a blizzard over the Link Road from Smiggins Holes to Guthega on one late night, past life occasion. This car even did a "dinner roll" one night and kept going .... but thats another story.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I don't know if I could call that beer can with 4WD a sport utility.

As for the '78 Subie DL, I don't remember that one. Could be.

I remember, a number of years ago, seeing an AMC Gremlin (lime green, of course) with a massive lift kit, 4WD and baloon tires. I'll give that dude the credit. If for no other reason than creativity.
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"my Jeep will come smoking past you."

considering its a jeep, that's a good choice of words

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No doubt the most sensible ski wagon ever made the Subby Legacy RS. WRX motor, more room. A bit slower, but not much.
Or a Mitsi Evo 4, 5, 6, or 7 - epic cars all. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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The other day coming home over Berthoud Pass I got passed by a super cool 1963-5 (?) Chevy Impala. Red. With a big ski rack on top. Awesome.

I'd love a sky blue Ford Galaxy 500. Not sure of the year.I just dig the styling of those old cars.

I'm on my 2nd Honda Civic hatchback. Studded snow tires and front wheel drive get me anywhere I need to go, as long as it is not anywhere too rough or deep. These cars are cheap to own (I choose to spend my dough on bikes and skis), get great gas mileage and don't have enough horsepower to get me in trouble with the cops. And they have a good amount of room inside of them (I can fit my bikes and skis in there easily). But, I tend to get spooked by the manaics in their superppowered SUV's. If they lose it and hit me I'll be squooshed and they'll feel a bit of a ding and keep on going. They are always ganging up on me!

I would actually like to own a subaru. Next iteration of my life.

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My (soon to be ex)-boss is taking my A4 off me on Monday. I'm being given a Passat to drive until I leave.
So this weekend, I'm going to see how fast it really will go.
So far:
1st Gear: 25mph
2nd: 65mph

I'll update you as I find out!

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Drive it like it's stolen.
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3rd: 105mph, and I ran out of road.

Does anyone know how to disable the ABS on an A4 so I can skid where desired, and Caden brake when necessary?

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I used to own a Silver-Grey '62 Galaxy 500 with a 390 T-Bird engine in it. It was cool but a real gas guzzler.

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The style would make up for the guzzle. Can it burn more gas than a fullsize stormtrooping 4wd suburban assault vehicle?

I spotted the Impala again in the top Jane lot sunday. It's following me.
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Oh yes, Style does make up for Guzzle....

Used to own the 72 Galaxie 500. What a sweet rig that was. 400 engine, lovely green inerior and exterior. Lines like that cannot be duplicated....

What a great ski car....
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For those of you still considering the WRX STi, check out www.hot.ee/ujuvsti/ to see what happens the car's performance envelope is exceeded.
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Amen to the Galaxy 500. Now that is some serioius steel. :
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Wear the fox hat: I had my 1.8T up to about 120 redlining in 4th gear at Watkins Glen. Hit around 135 once, but didn't have to nads to take it any higher. A chip will negate the speed limiter...but make sure you have at least V rated tires on it to go over 130. too bad that car's such a boat....heavy as hell. The Rex is just a tad over 3000#s, which is heavy, but a good 400 less than the A4 with the 4 banger.
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