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WTB: GS/cheater ski

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Edit:  I bumped this for 2009 because I didn't end up picking up GS skis last season, so I am looking again this year.  Head down to post #6 for an update.

I am looking for a GS race ski or a GS cheater ski, in the 185-190 range. Leaning towards a cheater ski or something that falls under the old FIS rules... (21mm radius)

That being said, I am open to any make/model/year.

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I have expanded my search to include 180 and up skis.

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i have a pair of red salomon equipe 9s with bindings that have din to 12 great cheater gs skis will let em go cheap

email me at
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skier 2639, check your PMs and confirm your email address, thanks!
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Hey everyone I am bumping this to the top.  I bought some new iM 78's last year and held off on the GS ski, but this year I would like to pick up a pair.  Feel free to post or PM me regarding any skiis you have!

I will consider anything, as long as it is above 180cm.  Prefer a 19mm radius or above.
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PM on the way.
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I bought GS skis, so if the mods want to close this, feel free.
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