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Atomic Race 8

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Does anyone know anything about the Atomic Race 8/RC8? I think they were made in 2006. They're white and blue. I just got a pair in 174cm and one in 155cm for GS and SL racing.

...but I can't find any write-up on them. Has anyone skied this model? I plan on racing with them. Reviews?
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what are the dimensions on it? if you cant find much info on it, it might be a deck model...some other ski with a "race" cosmetic on it...maybe one of the older SX skis? does it have the beta shape? tough to tell from the pictures ive found online...
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I don't know the dimensions - they haven't arrived yet.

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Okay, I just picked up the slalom skis.

They're 158cm long, 107-65-94. 14m radius.

They feel a little soft torsionally and longitudinally but I think they should be alright.

Opinions? Thats all I really know. Also, they have Neox 310 DIN 3-10 bindings. Are those good bindings?

I'm a male, level 8 or 9, 5'8", 130 lb.

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Great skis. I raced with them for a while, they worked really well. Hope this helps.

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