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If Belleayre Closes Where Will 175K Visitors Go

Poll Results: If Belleayre closes where will 175,000 skiers and riders go?

Poll expired: Dec 26, 2008  
  • 5% (1)
  • 66% (12)
    Hunter / Windham
  • 0% (0)
    Mountain Crreek / Sterling Fores/ Holiday / Mt Peter
  • 0% (0)
    Western Mass
  • 11% (2)
    ADK Gore / Whiteface
  • 11% (2)
  • 5% (1)
    Go West
  • 0% (0)
    Stay Home
18 Total Votes  
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If Belleayre closes this year, where will Belleayre's 175,000 snow sport visitors go this year? Take the poll.
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Did you say western MA? That would not be good.

Write your congressman. Call the govenor. Volunteer as a snowmaker or liftie.

It's not going to close
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It's not going to close. But if it does, Hunter/Windham is the obvious alternative for the majority.

I'm not a Belllearyre regular so I don't count. When I want to do day trip in the Catskills, I alternate between Plattekill (wekeend) and Bellearye (Mon-Thur, when Plat isn't open). So I'd still go to Plattekill if Bellearye isn't there. But for weekday alternative, I'd also head for Hunter.
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Lookin like midweek pass at hunter for 2 to 3 days a week for me and 2 season passes to jiminney for me and wife for 2 to 3 days aweek
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I looked at the web page today. It sounds "iffy" at best.

The music fest has been moved to a different location for October.

The rates are not posted and it sounded like they were being considered so .... check back ...
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tough call. W/H are the proximal winners, but Belleayre has a different crowd. We skied there b/f moving to VT. More family/low key/kinda rustic folks who are not going to the glam scene of Hunta....... sad if they close
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Is the number representative of how many season passes for that resort, or is it a SWAG (Somewhat Educated Approximate Guess)?

The same thing has happened here in NC North Central this season as one of four areas within 50 miles of eachother suddenly decided to exit the skiing and boarding resort business. It was the coolest one too.

I voted for "Vertmont" cause I like lots of vert in my monts.
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What no Plattekill votes.
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Those who like Plattekill are already going there, by-passing Bellereyre!

But more seriously, Hunter/Wyndham are much closer in character to Belleryre than Plattekill is. So, the majority of the "175K skiers & boarders" will likely move over to H/W.
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here is the skinny from web site

Featured Events

41 Trails Prepped to Go for Season
Belleayre Mountain will be open for riding and skiing seven days a week for the 2008-2009 season, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation announced today. Weather and conditions permitting, Belleayre will open the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, Nov. 28, and run through March 2009, operating six lifts and 41 trails and glades.
Located in the heart of the Catskill Mountains in Highmount, NY, Belleayre will offer terrain for all levels of riders and skiers from beginner to expert. All programming will be available, including the popular “Kidscamp,” racing programs, and – new this year -- the adaptive ski program. Trained instructors from Belleayre and Helen Hayes Rehabilitation Hospital will provide coaching for the adaptive community.
In response to the state’s fiscal situation, Belleayre is taking a number of steps this season to operate more efficiently while continuing to deliver a world-class regional skiing experience. Two lifts that are adjacent to other, more highly used lifts will be closed, a change that will have only a marginal impact on lift capacity. While snowmaking and grooming on most of the mountain will be unchanged, several of the less frequently used trails will be open on a natural cover basis. Use of the “Half Pipe” terrain also will be weather dependent. In addition, advertising will be reduced, and other operational and administrative efficiencies achieved. These changes will not impact skier safety or any essential operations or maintenance of the ski area.

Most season ticket prices will remain the same as last year. Daily lift tickets will increase slightly to account for higher fuel costs and increases in other operational costs.
DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis thanked Senator John Bonacic and Assemblyman Kevin Cahill for advocating for the Belleayre, an important regional resource.
“The communities throughout the Route 28 Corridor have made their voices loud and clear on the importance of the Belleayre Ski Center to the local economy,” Assemblyman Cahill said. “Commissioner Grannis and Governor (David A.) Paterson have demonstrated a keen understanding of the significance of this facility to the region by putting forth a reasonable plan that accounts for the current pressures in the economy as well as destabilizing energy costs. Working closely with DEC to resolve this issue, we prioritized the need for a full season with a diversity of programs at a reasonable price and that is what Commissioner Grannis delivered.”
Season passes, frequent skiers cards and “Belleayre Bucks” are now on sale. The Belleayre Fall Festival, scheduled for Oct. 11-12, will be held at the Delaware and Ulster Railroad depot on Route 28 in Arkville, just five miles from the ski area.
Belleayre’s annual “Job Fair” for seasonal workers is slated for Nov. 8, from noon to 6 p.m. at the Longhouse Lodge. For more information about employment, specific programming or the upcoming Fall Festival and ski season please go to www.belleayre.com.
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Ski Area Management also seems to have the final word, agreeing with the Belleayre website.


Looks like minimal impact to the regular season, but I doubt I'll get extra days there after Hunter closes in April.
Hello Sugarbush!!!
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