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Hi guys, I am looking to get a ski that will be good for powder.

Not looking for a one ski quiver per se, Ive got the race carver section covered, so I need something for when it dumps.

Considering K2 Outlaw and the Kung Fujas, any thoughts on which one would be a better ski for hitting up the pow?

Me, 200 lbs, 5'11, Expert level

PS. All suggestions welcome, not just those two skis.

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Are you sure you're not actually looking for an all mountain ski? I've got some suggestions, but they're all significantly wider.
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I suggest you try the search function first. This topic gets pounded to death regularly & if you read some of the existing threads you'll get a much better sense of the usual schools of thought.

That'll put you in a position to ask more specific & meaningful questions. Especially if you decide whether you really want a "POW" ski (not either of the 2 you mentioned) or just something a bit fatter than your current stock.
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Either of those should work for Pow. A 90mm wide ski will be enough ski to float most people even on deeper days if you know how to ski pow old school style 2footed platform. But most people who go looking for a specialty pow ski are looking for something that will let them ski pow in different way. Fat traditional pow skis let you skis pow like you ski a carver on piste by driving the tips and balancing mostly on the outside ski. You carve the pow. Rockered and reverse/reverse skis are usually even fatter and skim along the snow surface. They give you alot more ability to rotate the skis as well as carve.
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