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Salomon Ghost Boot

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Has anyone skied or tried on the Salomon Ghost boot. You can view it here
It has a narrow fit which is perfect for me, 98mm with the lower shell (clog?) from the Falcon boot. Looking for opinions, I have tried the Falcon on and it fits me really well but prefer the features of the Ghost, rubber sole under the arch for grip when hiking and only two buckles to loosen off when I am skinning up. Current boots are Tecnica Diablo 130 Race Pro which are worn out and leaking badly!
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it is the falcon shape, but a upper for the SPK? for what you said it should be OK,
few problems: softer then most falcons.
no walk mode for touring.
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i tried it on last year...

its a full falcon shell with spk buckles and a different lace up liner..different toe box and some neoprene if memory serves me correctly..rubberized bootboard too if im not mistaken...

its also a 110 flex, which is the same as the falcon 10...

its a cool boot...
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