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Ski for bumps and trees.

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I know you guys get a ton of ski recommendation posts here but I'm curious to hear what you guys might think on this one.

I am 6'1'' 170lbs. I would consider myself an advanced intermediate skier. I skied 105 days last year on 184 Mantras(2008) which was my first serious year of skiing. I love them for everything except tight trees and bumps(think Keystone's Outback with both). I'm looking to get a new ski to add to my collection that will be a little better for me in these areas. Any suggestions? Even just suggestions on the attributes I should be looking for in a ski like this would be extremely helpful.

I'm thinking shorter, maybe in the 174ish range. I'd like to keep the ski as wide as possible but it doesn't need to be a big fatty by any means but fat enough to float a bit.(this will be for Colorado) Or maybe I just need lessons on how to ski in these areas, I'm not opposed to that either if that is what it takes. I know I should demo some skies but the problem is most places out here wont let you demo skis until late November and I'll probably have skied 20+ days by then.

Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated!
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I am 5'10", 180, and was told to buy 179 Nordica Nitrous from a few knowledgeable people here when I asked a similar question last May. I got a smokin price on Ebay this summer as I was the only bidder
They look like really nice skis and are softer than anything else I ride.
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K2 Public Enemy/Extreme
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post
K2 Public Enemy/Extreme
+1 on this.

I don;t like the nitrous as well as the PE in trees or in bumps. The mantra is basically an all mountain ski that does well in the open and not in tight spots like bumps or trees. The PE is also all mountain skis that is pretty maneuverable in tight spots. I usually like a fatter ski for trees and a fairly narrow ski for bumps. And mantra + PE = overlap. They are two different types of the same thing. Maybe sell the mantra and then go shopping for 2 new pair of skis.
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