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Age - 21
Skiing for 18 years
Lived in Southern Colorado and actually learned and taught under Gravity (AKA Todd "The Ski God" Murchison) when he was the Ski School director there. He tried to kill me on several occasion and made me question question whether he liked me or secretly wanted me dead.... haha.

Own Elan Darcsides
Salomon X-Scream Boots, and 9.0 race bindings. (If I fall my leg will break before I lose a ski. _IF_ I fall, mind you)
Repped for Spyder for a year so I have lots of gear whore clothing that I don't really need.

If it holds snow, I'll ski it or die on it

I don't drive. Drinking in the back seat on the way to the mountain is a much better way to survive.

Attend CU Boulder. Major in:

Business... in that order.

"Every turn is an admisson of defeat"

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Yeah, and.......????
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Drinking is that important?

Life's a pain... then you nap. Cat philosphy
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Personally , I prefer an I.V. it's a lot less work.
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He's right of course - I was trying to kill him, same way I was trained! <g> Lead them into innocent looking patches of forest that end in death plunges of cliffs where you have to hop from ledge to ledge. But he survived and ended up becoming a damn good skier!
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Glad I never got to see that side of Todd!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence

<FONT size="1">

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I save that "side" for pro-skiers!
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Well then, I hope I don't ruin your reputation by letting people know that you have a "gentle" side.
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Lisa...Todd...That's enough...I will have to tell Mrs Lupner when she gets home!
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Okay, blond moment. Who is Mrs. Lupner???
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Ha ha!!

"Your breasts are like two sunny side up eggs splattered against a wall?- 'snort, snort'"

Time for the noggie patrol!

I loved Gilda!
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Ohhhh you kids!!!
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