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Question about mounting praxis

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I jsut got a pair o praxis 185cm pow skis. My home hill has lots of fairly low angle slopes (less than 40*) and tight trees. I have read everything I can find about mount point on these skis, but haven't really seen much as far as how fore aft posintion affects performance. I read that the sweet spot / reccomended position is 97-99cm from the tip. Becuase these are on thir second mount I am limited to either 97cm or 100cm from tip.

I really don't like to look of 97cm simply becuase it seems the tip is super short and the tail much longer than other skis I use. To me 100cm seems really well proportioned and I hav noticed on normal skis mounting a few cm back will improve pow performance. I don't understand why these are so center mounted. I emailed keith and he gave the thumbsup for 100cm. That said i have never used a ski like this and just curious how mount point affects performance on a ski like this. I might end up trying both 97 and 100 at some point. I like to drill, but just curious if anyone has thoughts.
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I noticed the short tip/long tail too. When I put my 195 Praxis Powders next to my Sanouks, there's like 6" of difference between mounting points. Granted they are two different skis and the Sanouks have practically no tail, but I'm really thinking of trying 104 or even 105 with the Praxis. I bought 'em for wide-open ass-hauling, not skiing switch. I should probably ski them first at 103.
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Go for 100.

I may remount my 195s at 104 or 105.
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I read some Praxis threads for you at: http://tetongravity.com/forums/showthread.php?t=68597

Here is a clip: The BIGGEST MUST is what Keith says: "Please measure for mounting position as the line is not perfect, close but it's just a graphic. I have been recommending 97cm from tip the line is approx. 96.5"
I have 195's mounted at 104 (most recommend 103), so if yours are 185's mounted at 100, I think your a touch further back then me. I have read these are normally mounted a little forward from a standard alpine mount to keep the ski "pivoty" as in it turns more from the center and smears it's turns.
Whatever, If Keith told you 100 works, go for it. You may lose a little of the pivoty feel and get more of an alpine feel from the ski, but you definitely won't sink the tips
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Depends how big/heavy you are. The bigger you are, bias further back. But in or near the suggested range. Don't sweat what they look like - you want that fat section underfoot, not way out in front. The more you use them, the more you'll get used to how they want to ski.

I moved my 195s from 103 to 104 because early on I managed to go over the bars a couple of times in some really slabby conditions (me = about 220#). I like the 104 "better" but I'm not 100% sure how much is real handling and how much is me getting more used to the skis. Being 1cm back of range is probably fine - especially of you are on the heavier end of the weight range for your length of ski, but I would not go too far back. The skis just are not designed with that in mind. (hint: Keith mounts way forward...)
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I am about 200lbs and I can do 100 or 97 from the tip with Freeride+ that I am planning to use. So I guess people are saying 100 should be ok. And I think thats what I am going to shoot for. I won't actually be drilling for a while and I might be able to find a different binding in the mean time that will let me go 99 or 98. Thanks. --Tim
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I bet you'll be fine with 100 or 99... If it remains a 97 or 100 choice, do 100. Especially if Keith gives that a thumbs up.
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