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Pictures!!! Grand Targhee

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Here are some of the pictures that I took in Grand Targhee March 10 -13, 2003.

Most of the pictures can be found at photo album link .

If for some strange reason you want to see all of my pictures from this vacation you can find them here and here.

These are pretty low resolution. If you see anything you like I can mail you the originals which are about 1 MB each.

First a few teasers...

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Great photos, however you mislabled one.The photo of the lift should be called Dream Catcher. That's the new lift to the right. The large building to the lift, used to be the Chief Bannock lift.
The Blackfoot Lift is a old double chair that services the Chief Joseph area.
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I think I know which picture you mean (7th picture of album 3). Thanks for the heads up. I changed the description to something more appropriate. If I have the right one then it doesn't matter anymore because the server I uploaded the pictures to shrunk the file so much than you can no longer see the lift. Pictures cannot do the mountain justice.

I just hope that's all I got wrong. [img]smile.gif[/img] For some of the pictures I couldn't remember where I was when I took it and hoped I was remembering right. Even when I could remember where I was I am still not sure that I always knew what I was looking at!

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SWEET!! Wide open and empty, ya' gotta love it.
But pray tell, what happened to the back of that poor girl's leg on the last photo page?

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But pray tell, what happen to the back of that poor girl's leg on the last photo page?
Ah, you went for the rest of the story... :

We were coming down the mountain on the second day and I look up in time to see my girlfriend falling backwards downhill. She lands flat on her back with her legs straight up in the air and comes down with the skis straight out to the side. (I took almost the same fall last yer at Vail.) I get down to her real fast because I thought she might be hurt, she looked to have fallen pretty hard. I get there and she is dying laughing and hoping that I saw what happened. (Strangely, I also have the fit of laughter after most falls.) Something hit her knee pretty hard in the fall, she thinks it was a ski. It was badly enough bruised that she stopped skiing on it about 2:00 PM the last two days because it would begin to hurt. She also had a little neck soreness. On the other hand, she felt fine the rest of the day and didn't have any discomfort until that night and it didn't give any problem other than soreness late in the day. The bruise is on the inside of the left knee just above the joint on the bottom of that muscle that runs up the inside of the thigh and around to the back a little. The last night we both had a couple of frames left so she wanted a picture to show people her trophy. The bruise is just about gone now and she is getting around fine. Which is good because I had this fear that it might be more serious when I saw the bruise.
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Very nice, Brandon. Stories like yours make me sad that Targhee is a 6-hour drive for me. If only I lived in Driggs....

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Really great stuff!!!!!!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Thanks, I never new what it looked like!! It snows an awful lot there, so you were lucky to be there in between the days when it earns its nickname; 'Grand Foggee'. These pics make it a real contender with just about any place in the country for scenery!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Great pics , they are a painful remainder that I have to survive
90 more days before skiing again down here : !!!!
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