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Time for new boots?

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I have used a set of Head Edge 9.7 for the last 3 years now they have about 100 days on them most of them have 14hr days the last 2 years since I have started working ski patrol at my local mt. I like them and they are comfortable for working in all day 14 or so hr. But I have to tighten them up to the last notch in the buckle to get them tight enofe. My question is, is it time for new boots this season. I will prob ski at lest 40 days this year and 80% of them will be 14 hr days. This is the first set of boots i have had so i am at a loss hear for what to look for. And since i have gotten these boots i have become a vastly better skier. I was prob a level 6 when i got them i am prob a level 7.5 or so now. Do I want a stiffer boot, but i really don't want to compromise all day comfort to much.
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sounds like it is time to see the boot fitter....let them guide you, if the fit of the edge was that good they do make it in a model 2 up form where you were the edge 11 is a PU shell...but let a fitter guide you...patrollers normally get looked after pretty well by the local stores do they not
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yes some shops take care of us. this was my first set of boots.. so i really don't know what to look for in terms of knowing when I need to be looking for another pair. As for the exact boot i need i will leave that up to putting them on my feet. I just remember that i have a wide foot.

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that head edge is one wide boot...i keep a few just for the wide footed people who want to slide around the mountain between coffee breaks

trust the fitter and see what they come up with, personally i think the whole thing is about comunication...if you comunicate with them and they comunicate back to you then you will get what you are looking for
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Comfort and boot stiffness are for the most part unrelated. It is somewhat true that within the entire envelope of stiffness for say 60 to 150 the stiffer boots are narrower. It is the width that affects comfort, but a good fitter can easily work with width and make dramatic changes.

It you have to buckle your boot as tightly as you say to make it feel solid I would guess the Edge boot is too much volume for you.

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well it took a about 85 days over 3 years to get to that last buckle they where not like that when i got them.. That is the reason i was wanting to know if i had reached the life span of my boots.
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It sounds that way. Either way though the advice stands. Separate comfort from flex. Decide what performance range and flex you like from your boots and find a fitter that can make that work for you.

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well then Guess the question is how much flex do i want? I don't even know what the edge 9.7s where rated at.... I do know i kept it on the hard setting. I ski hard packed boiler plate ice here in the south east.. Like i said this was my first set of boots so I just went with what the boot fitter told me and I have been happy but i don't really know what i should be looking for in terms of flex.
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