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Fischer Addict vs. Fischer Addict Pro

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Has anyone skied both of these? From what I can tell, the only difference is the Addict Pro has a carbon fibre band at the tips to increase swing weight. I ski all mountain, everything from park, to high speed carving groomers to ripping a zipper line. I consider myself a very advanced skier (9/10). Last year I spent most of my ski days on my Line Assassin Pro MTX (with custom clear topsheets). Any input on the fischers is greatly appreciated!

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Another question about the fischers: They come in 172 and 181cm. Usually I ride a 176ish... I've heard the 181 measures a little short, can anyone confirm this?
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No one's ridden the addicts???
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I just saw this thread. From what I gather, the Addict / Pro are both very park oriented since they are symmetrical twins. I haven't skied them personally, but I'm also going to buy twins for all mtn skiing. However, I'm going for an asymmetrical design (Dynastar NBTs).

If you're set on these, I would go with the longer ones since you're an expert skier and the 5cm won't make a huge difference either way.
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Supraman, I just picked up a pair of addicts in 172. I'm 5'8 155#, level 7-8 or whatever you call a low advanced (I say low because I'm not a bump pro or park rat yet. This will be changing soon). Anyhow, after Mammoth next month I'll be piping in on what I think of the skis. I've heard only good things so I'm pretty stoked. I got them from o2gearshop with a special coupon code, so if you're still looking PM me and I can share the wealth.

FWIW, the tip on the bottom takes up a good 3.5-4.0 inches of running room (9-10cm). Some would argue that for someone my weight (or lack of weight) a running 163cm length could be considered short. If you weigh any more than me I'd consider the 181 if I were you.

Here's a question for any of you guys out there. In the morning I'll be using my volkl S5's for hardpack/fast groomer runs. I'm going to be using the addicts about 50/50 for park/box rails and the rest of the mountain in the afternoon. Should I go with the recommended center mounting point or go a little farther back? The skis are truly symmetrical (114-84-114). My px 12s aren't mounted yet, but just laying the ski down and standing center of boot looks like a ton of tail. What do you guys think?
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I just picked up the addicts as well. i wasnt looking for a symetrical ski, but the price i got on these i just couldnt turn down. I was going to get the dynastar TM limited, but supposedly their core was pretty crappy. the skis supposed to be great all mountain, but i have yet to use it
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Update: although a park ski, the addicts are speed demons as well. i clocked 72.3mph max speed (!!) on my garmin nuvi today (and that thing is dead accurate in multiple vehicles). bindings px12 racing, lange concept boots cranked to 95. pro-tec b2 snow helmet (of course) and spy goggs. i was actually surprised i was able to hit that (could only hit 63.1mph on my 154cm volkl S5). oh, and sunny 55 degree weather + baggy foursquare snowboard pants + local motion tshirt (no thermals or shell here). I was tucking too though
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FYI, a GPS designed for a moving vehicle will not generally give an accurate reading for some other applications. Try a forerunner or a friend with a radar gun.
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Haha. Don't be a hater...it's dead accurate in the vehicle and I'm covering a 2 mile run...plenty of distance for the GPS to sample plot points. Others tried with varying speeds as well so it wasn't an optimistic/inflated #. For instance -- does 8.1mph for a lift sound decent to you? I can tell you too the other day the cross patrol tried to catch me but gave up...I have witnesses
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I ride additct pro 181's and they are a great all around ski. If you want to shred on the park and just ride around, its the perfect ski.

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