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First SL skis?

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Hi guys,

First off great forum, I've been lurking for a while and its provided me with some very valuable knowledge.

I've been skiing for a few years and am now moving in to a bit of university/club racing, unfortunately for us that means crappy 180m long dry slopes!! Not ideal but its better than nothing.

Seeing as most of the racing we'll be doing is SL I've been looking into getting a cheapish pair of SL skis. A friend of mine whos been racing since he was about 7 swears by Salomons race dept skis, I've had a couple of goes on them and they are sweet but over here they cost near enough £400 ($735!) which is just a tiny bit more than i want to spend! Ideally i'd be looking at $300ish with bindings. Any recommendations?

I'm 5'11 and about 160lbs, 21 years old.

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Look down in the swap section of Epic.

Quite frankly since this is not a serious thing, I'd go used.
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Yeah, and racers dump gear when it's still got a lot of life left in it. They also tend to avoid rocks, which keeps the value high-ish.
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I also suggest you look into a used pair, race skis can be had very cheap, and often with little to no use since the actual race-day skis get saved while the training pair get all the wear and tear.
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But only buy Head.
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Thats a given.
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I bet RIchie Rich can tune the shit out of a pair of skis! Personally I swear by Atomic, but those are pretty much rockets... for non-seious beer league- look for a pair of year old demos from the rep... also one or two model year old skis can be had cheap from the factory... if they still have hen, hey wan o get rid of them...

no matter what you get... keep he slippery side down, and you will be fine
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Thanks for the replies guys, I'm don't mind getting a used pair as their only going to be used for casual racing and as a recreational pair. Are there any particular makes/models which you'd recommend?
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They are all good. Find out what works for you.

I used to be pretty good on Atomic, but then I learned that I was faster with Volkl... Its all about what works good for you.
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Stockli ... probably just a bit softer and user friendly.

They may just become your best friends.
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TMAS would that be Volkl Race Tiger's?

Yuki I've heard good things about Stokli but hardly anywhere over here stocks/sells them, I'll keep looking though.

What do you guys think of these? =item110261001732&_trkparms=72%3A1301|39%3A1|66%3A 2|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

My mate had the '08 version of these and they were very nice. I'm still a noob when it comes to race ski models!
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Are you going to race in the UK? I'd just wait till I got on solid ground ..

.. before I bought something. No clue as to Salomon but I'll ask my kid when he get home. He tested a bunch at race camps. He raced on Fischer but wouldn't let go of his Stockli when "we reduced inventory" ...
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That Salomon is a retail version. The binding is the big give-away.

For your intended use, it might be quite ideal as a full blown race ski at 165cm might be a bit much. If you want a true race model, look at women's versions, but also be aware that plates are sometimes designed, built and intended for smaller boots .
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yea, Racetigers.

I tested too last spring and its what worked out better... Again though, totally up to the user. But in your case I would be looking at more of a retail race ski and less a stock version. Again, you should experiment
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I tried the Salomon race skis a few years back and the full blown mens racing ski at 165cm was one tuff coocie to bend. More like GS skis. Im on Blizzards now, great skis. Whatever you get, dont get CAP skis. Only exception is Atomic.
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If you are planning to race on plastic in the UK then you will need 155cm skis - nothing longer. Our coaches always recommend a wood core ski because it (apparently) doesn't heat up as much as a plastic core ski. Places such as Ski Bilek are OK for skis, but make sure you know what you will be getting. Perhaps it would be better to find a club at your local dry slope and ask them what they think is best. Club membership often gets you a discount at local shops. Many of our club members ski on Elans because we get a special deal, but there is a sprinkling of other makes including Salomon 3V.

You will need to service your skis regularly, ideally each time before you use them. Plastic slopes blunt the edges in no time. Also you need to apply a protective coating of wax such as Datawax Polar X ( a really hard wax specially for plastic slopes) which helps to protect the bases of your skis for a while. The Dendix will scrape it off during a practice session, so you need another coat before the next time you ski. This is completely different to waxing for snow. With plastic we tend to apply a layer of wax and give it a quick scrape while warm, but leave a good layer on the bases for protection.

If you need more information about dry slopes and dry slope racing then try Snowsport England or Snowsport GB there is also Britski which carries results and information about the UK dry slope scene.

Being in the UK you might get more specific information from the discussions on Snowheads or MySnowSports.
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Hi Owen,
Welcome to EpicSki!

What slope will you be using?

It would be worth trying a few skis before buying. Ellis Brigham do ski tests at the indoor slopes, but you may have missed them for this year. The other alternative could be to take a long weekend trip to Tignes - last year it was the "Atomic Boot Camp", but I believe that a few other manufacturers are getting involved. See here:
(I'll be out there at the start of December)
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DCJ makes the best points, short and less stiff is a good thing and they will get trashed very quickly, if just starting out on plastic i wouldnt buy new skis. Where are you based in london? why not race at Milton Keynes on snow tuesday nights and sunday
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