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Frontside Ski for Colorado Ex-Racer

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I live in Colorado, and already have a pair of Mantra 184s with Dukes that I am quite happy with for backside adventures but I'm looking for something that would be more versatile for groomers and the crappier east-coast-type days we get at Eldora, the local resort just above Boulder (windy, icy, crusty, junky). My favorite skis EVER were my old K2 TNCs which were stable at speed, busted crud and were very quick for a GS ski. I've been thinking about Volkl GS Racetigers, but I don't know how they ski at all. Thoughts?
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Stockli's? Maybe the scott shmidt model? Or XXL? Laser cross?

These are also sweeet and nice deal if you can ski a 194cm:

http://cgi.ebay.com/05-Stockli-Stormrider-XL-Mid-Fat-Skis-194cm-NEW_W0QQitemZ300260261386QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item3 00260261386&_trkparms=72%3A1205%7C39%3A1%7C66%3A2% 7C65%3A12%7C240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14


Both would take a vist plate nicely, and will be just like a GS ski....but a hair wider.

Personally, for that spot in the quiver, I rock a pair of 192 Elan M777's with a vist V13 plate and lifted S916's. Very fast, heavy and awesome on icy chunk knar.
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I've skied Volkl since 1990. I use the Racetiger RC, 178. I prefer the RC to the RS. The RS is much softer at the tip and tail, making it unpredictable in variable snow and when loaded on the groomed.

Out west I'd want to ride the Race Tiger GS, 180cm. No problem driving through any kind of snow with it. There is a 183. At, 187, the ski will feel more "planky." Lots of material in high end race skis which makes them feel big and 'heavy'. Go forward 1cm to get the best out of the Volkl.

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Volkl < Stockli.

...and you're better off with a mid-fat in the 70-85mm waist range for carving on choppy ice that's not on a race course. Something with a metal/wood sandwich race ski construction.


Heads (im88):

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I currently race various leagues (including Eldora Nighthawks) and train masters on 180 Volkl Race Stock GS. I also really like my Dynastar Course 67 cheater GS (17m radius). I bought a pair in a 178 but they ski a lot like my volkl race GS skis so are somewhat redundant with them. I should have bought a shorter size for what I wanted (frontside free skiing and NASTAR). If you are interested I would sell them. I skied them only one day since I bought them the end of the season last year. They have a full race tune and prep from Alpine Base and Edge with a 1deg base and 3deg side bevel. The plates are factory drilled so the bindings can be reset for any boot size easily by yourself. Check out various ratings and you will see why I bought them. PM me if interested.
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Here's one that may be hard to find, but it will be worth it. Check out the Hart Phoenix. It is a unique ski--full hand-built race-ski-like laminated construction, with 66mm waist like a GS ski, but a lot more sidecut. On groomed or hard snow, it performs as you'd expect for a ski with its specifications and heritage. That is, it rolls smoothly on edge and rips carved turns with the rock-solid feel of a World Cup race ski. But I skied a pair last spring at Arapahoe Basin in deep, soft, broken up spring crud, where I didn't have high expectations for a ski that narrow, and I was amazed at how much I liked it.

It's not a ski that the typical backside hucker will enjoy, but as an ex-racer who knows how to carve a turn, I'll bet you'll love it, in almost any condition.

Check 'em out here: http://www.hartskis.com/products/frontside_carving.php

(Disclaimer--yes, I am affiliated with Hart. After trying them out last spring, I liked their line of skis so much that I switched brands, and am now officially on Hart skis.)

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Originally Posted by KyndKyd View Post
for backside adventures
Thanks for the laugh.
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Based upon reviews alone (yeah, I know, it's risky), I bought the Volkl AC50's.

At 85 mm underfoot, they're a bit wide. But, they're supposed to be a nimble as a 75 mm ski, due to the iPT (30% wider) binding. Their edge-hold is reputed to be akin to a race ski.

If so, they should be a good choice for someone who wants to rail on hardpack, but also wants versatility for the wide range of gunk you'll encounter.

Downside: not a lot of deals on these.
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Originally Posted by karpiel View Post
Thanks for the laugh.
lol - I'm also interested in "frontside adventures"!
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Stockli's with a plate; older wood core XL's (75 mm) are the smoothest in rough snow and you can get them for a good price right now, XXL's (80 mm) would have bit more float, and people can't decide if more or less forgiving but with your skill set it doesn't matter. IMO, nothing else comes close for maching GS/SG through rough snow and still being able to ski bumps and other real world phenomena. But other reasonable choices would be Elan Ti78's, iM82's or Racetiger 12's.
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