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Snow in Park City

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There's snow on Iron Mountain this morning. Iron mountain is smack between The Canyons and Park City Ski area. And out my back door . That's where I've been- getting this house organized and moving to Park City. We're all in now and the weather has been very wintery for the last couple weeks- grey skies and rain unlike the usual Utah sunny lingering summers- Were due for a good winter- maybe this is it.
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It's snowing hard here on the Western slope of Colo....( Roaring Fork Valley )

The 'Mass is covered in wet, white goodness...

Does this mean that November will be hot and dry? Let's hope not but we'll see....

I love a good early season snowfall... Damnitfeelsgoodtobeaskier.
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There is also Snow in Vail/Beaver Creek. More on the way

Have a look at this picture from Vail


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