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Most frequently seen skis...

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...while I was at Whistler:

Salomon Crossmax 10 Pilot.

Good skis, good marketing, whatever, they seemed to be all over the place.

More useless trivia.
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In my experience, I'd have to say the K2 Axis X Pro.

Evry day I see my pair propped up against a wall!

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Why do I get the sense you have a staff of writers?
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I guess you have to make a distinction between skis that are rented, and skis that people actually own. You're right, though... the graphics on the Cross-Max and X-Screams are very eye-catching, and I see them everywhere.

But the ski I see the most is, without question, the dreaded Rossignol "Cut"... apparently, Rossi gives rental outfits a big discount on these planks when they buy them in huge numbers.

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I've been seeing a ton of Dynastar Big's lately. The the wierd part is I see them more often of boiler plate blue ice days? All the kids want to ski with them at Sugarbush because that's what John Egan Skis. Not a bad marketing campaign Dynastar has sold a butt load in that valley.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ryan:
Why do I get the sense you have a staff of writers?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Ryan, I could do with some at times to let me know when I'm good, and when I'm just plain dumb.

Maybe proof-readers are what I need.

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Here in Austria,

Fischer RC4's
Atomic 9.18, 9.20 & 10.22

(Frequently attached to rear entry 'Storm Tropper Special' type boots.)

Hardly even see ....


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Naaaw! Fox Hat is just darned good skier who has as good a gift of gab as I do... maybe better!
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Much as I appreciate the compliments, I must correct you: I'm not that good a skier. OK, that's putting it mildly, my granny can still ski better than me, and we buried her 7 years ago.

As for the gift of the gab, the Blarney stone kissed me. (and it was full on French!)

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Oh, new list for the most frequently seen skis today: Fischers, followed by K2.

In fact, I would still be looking at them, but the shop owner asked me to leave, because it was closing time.

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Ryan, I could do with some at times to let me know when I'm good, and when I'm just plain dumb.

I find that 97% of what I come up with falls into the dumb category. So I don't post 97% of that. Of course that still means that about half of what I post is dumb. Pretty good compared to some here... [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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But Miles, what is dumb to you, may be rocket science to someone else, I mean look at some of the idiots that post here - have you ever read the garbage that Irish guy spouts?

Please, pass on your thoughts, no matter how bad they are, they could be useful to someone.

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Everyone seems to have Pilot system skis now, whether it be the XMax, X-Scream, or Verse.
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Yes, if they weren't so expensive, I would have bought a pair this year (crossmax 10, I mean)
But before that:
-New boots for the kids (2x)
-New helmets for the kids (2x)
-Now wifey is complainig that her boots are
roomy, so it will mean
-New boots for wifey
-I still have to have some money left to go skiing, right?
-Besides, I just bought myself a nice pair of P40F1 only two seasons ago.
Hence, no new skis for M@tteo.

Most seen skis :
-Salomon (all flavours)
Not necessarly in the order I've reported.
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Crossmax 10 Pilot

K2 Escape 5500

old skis
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Mostly old straight ski's.
Then probably them cheap Rossignol Cut ski's.
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Hey ryan, I'm sorry we didn't hook up at Whistler. I did get in a couple of runs with dchan. He's a very smooth skier and will have no problems passing his level one. Were you standing in the Peak chairline when the rider did a front flip off the rocks?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by DangerousBrian:
Here in Austria,

Atomic 9.18, 9.20 & 10.22


I'll second that, though I'm sure they aren't as good as they're cracked up to be. I tried a pair last year (9.18s) - they were the worst of the lot. It's all subjective though of course, except for it isn't is it. When in Austria ski Atomics, when in France ski Rossignol or Dynastar no doubt.
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i was waiting for my group to get down Saddle , just standing there, when the hollers started. I watched. Some good stuff goin' on.

and almost all the straights i saw were featuring plenty of neon.

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For some reason I see the Volkl G3 alot. Maybe Im just attracted to the yellow.

Thats another thing, do you think that perhaps you notice the skis with bright colors more that others, giving you a false reading?
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Salomon X-Scream. Been seeing more K2 Mod's, Atomics are making a big hit too.
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