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Happy B-Day, Trekchick! - Page 3

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How bout a Skiing Cake?

Slice of Yaahhhhd Sale anyone?
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Awww man, I missed it ! Trade ya the 2 days w/sick kid, but not the afternoon w/the horseshoer. Hope you had a good one & a fabulous year ahead !
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O-tanjobi omedetto gozaimasu!
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Older = Better

Hafta admit though.....I thinkin' about reverse birthdays lately.

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Happy belated birthday, Tricia. I owe you a cake. How about a nice bodiful white confection with a ganache of whipped cream topped with a generous heaping of powder?
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I don't know HOW I missed this, a belated, happy one to you TC!

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Manoman, everyone wants to give me cake. How am I supposed to stay in shape for ski season?

Nolo, I'll see you in March!
Jimintokyo, thanks. I'll practice my Japanese in time for your birthday.
VA, happy birthday to you, as well!
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