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Just returned from summer trip #1 to Summit Co. Although I had been warned from friends that the drought was making a major impact, I was shocked to come over I-70 from Silverthorne and look at what is left of the Dillon Resevoir. I've been visiting Summit Co since the mid-60's and I can't ever remember seeing the resevoir this low.

Interesting to me, despite lots of press coverage about the drought, that there weren't watering bans, etc. in place both in Summit Co. and in Denver. Both TV and press articles on the record low levels of the resevoirs, not just Dillon, but others around the state, and even articles about possible fish kills due to low water levels in the streams.

Of course, the unspoken concern here is will there be water to make snow this fall? Unscientific poll of my friends and other locals show about a 50/50 split between no snowmaking/totally dismal season and more optimistic outlooks like "A dry summer means a wet winter" and "They'll make sure that there is water to run the guns. They can't afford not to."

What do the Summit and Front range Bears think? Is the drought severe enough to pull the snowmaking guns off the mountain?

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Hi Tag,

I'm a native and can't remember anything like this.

It's bad. Can you believe it? Lake Dillon is practically dry? It was friggin 90 in Vail the other day!

My thoughts on using precious water for snowmaking?

Yes! Tourism is what drives Colorado. It's the #1 industry here, has been for years.

And you can bet, that I'll be out there doing snow dances with the rest of them.

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Interesting question "will there be water to make snow this fall?"

I have not heard any rumors about what will happen, but if there is no water in the rivers where will they pull water from?

Agree that it is odd that we have not begun water rationing, just some restrictions on lawn watering.
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