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Epic Day in the Wasatch

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I only got in a few runs, but the skiing at PCMR was awesome this morning. 1.5' plus the 6" from yesterday made for some great skiing. The only complaints were that my usual three run (before-work routine) route was tracked out faster than normal due to all the people in town. None the less, I still managed to get in some near bottomless turns by staying to the side of these runs.

Epic day (even for only three runs),


BTW: Two more big storms are headed our way
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Sounds like it was an "Epic" day for five boarders up at Sundance yesterday. Two of them managed to dig themselves out but three are still missing and buried as rescure attempts have been put on hold because of Avalanch damgers. I am assuming they were in the backcountry? does anyone know more about this?
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Don't know all the details but it sounds like a bunch of kids playinq around on their snowboards in OB terrain. This unfortunately, is all too common around here. Kids see some cool terrain and hike to it, without any regard to the dangers involved. A little common sense would have told them that 4+ feet of new in 24 hours is a recipie for disaster.

Its sad,

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Link to the latest, 3 are presumed dead:

http://customwire.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/UTAH_AVALANCHE?SITE=SDSIO&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DE FAULT

61 new in 24 hrs at Bridger, Holy mackeral!! break out the snorkels....and still dumping, it may open tomorrow! That is approaching the 63 in 24 and 93 in 48 that I experienced at Creystal back in 95, when only the bottom was open.

So I'm stuck in Wa, where it only s'posed to snow up to two feet...at near sea level snow levels. Alpental and all the rest will be going off. I'm there tomorrow.
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Sorry to hear about the snowboarders. With all the snow you guys are getting out West I would expect people to be much more cautious.

Here in the East there was no white Christmas and the temps are way above freezing. Friday and Saturday I skied in spring conditions. Great skiing, but limited terrain since the hills are struggling to keep themselves covered with snow. They are now predicting more rain for Monday.
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Check this; incident photos . This is a great site. avalanche.org
My sympathy for the kid's families and community. Provo's a tight community.

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Again, looking at the photos (see link in post above), what were these people thinking? Anybody with the slightest knowledge of the backcountry knows not to hike up an exposed slope, even when the avy dandger is low. A funnel, such as the one these kids hiked up is a natural avalanche drainage.

Common sense people,

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