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Hi everybody,

I am wondering what boots would be good for me. I will be 17 this season, I am 6'3"-6'4", around 185 -190 lbs. I'm an expert skier. I ski Line EP pros and 1080s. My feet are 12.5 and a C width (pretty narrow). I want around a 100 flex.

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There's all sorts of things to know before most can recommend a boot, and you might want to search the topic.

That said, if you don't care to do a search, and if you're a Lange fit (sounds like you're a potential candidate), then look at www.tetongravity.com in the gear swap, and there are some Lange FR 120s/130s for $200 in various sizes. Cheap, and then you can take the money you saved and have a bootfitter do work on them. Problem is that you'd better be sure they fit and that you get the right size, or you're SOL.

I'd have killed for boots that nice when I was 17, and you're big enough to flex most boots for regular skiing.
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100 flex based on whose standard?
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anybody know the flex on rossi b1 boots from a few years ago
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Nordica Nitrous in a 28.0 - 29.0 no bigger....
I think it is a 90-100 flex
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find a good bootfitter either buy the boot form them or pay them for some time to advise you what boot to look at in what size....but remember that would only be a recomendation...spend the money with them on the boot and the good guys will guarantee the fit
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