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Calling Vist plate specialists

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Need some advice about the difference between two Vist plates for use on rec racing/training GS cheaters: the WC Race, which is the one with two metal plates and plastic connected by keyhole elastomer, and the WC Air, which is the one metal plate that narrows in the middle, can slide backwards a bit, on rubber. The Race looks beefier, and the description emphasizes its redirection of force to the center of the ski for bending in the apex and second half rebound, while the Air - esp the soft - looks less beefy and the description talks about redistributing force toward initiation and first half.

OK, all that makes sense, but then it loses me: Also says that lighter, less powerful competitors on stiffer skis should go with the Race, and heavier, more powerful types on softer skis should go with the Air. Besides figuring out how they define soft and stiff, I only see the Air or even just the Duo on rec race skis, even in female lengths. Hard to believe all those are used by powerful types who find whatever they ski soft and who also want more from the first half of the turn. Obviously I'm missing something here.

Now I definitely qualify as lighter (for a male) and at my level, any ski I'll race on is stiff. Want to take advantage of some good early season prices before I can go talk with my instructor, who just suggested Vist plates, period. So is the Race actually beefier after all, and not really a good choice for me despite what Vist recommends, or do I take them at their (translated) word and go for it? Or (c), none of the above, just use some version of their Absorber?
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I sell Vist stuff in the UK & some of their information seems strange to me as well.

The WC Race plate is definately beefier than either the WC Air Pro or the WC Air Soft. The Race is about as beefy as you can get.

You haven't stated your weight but all my heavier junior & lighter adult racing customers are on the WC Air Pro's, in either 14 or 18mm to suit their preferred lift height. Many tried the Race but it was waaay too stiff.

The other benefit with the Air Pro is that you can also remove the central bridge to increase flex if required.
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Agree with Spyderjon The WC plate is stiff and will take any friendliness out of your skis. On the other hand the skis will have substantially more rebound and under foot hold the the WC plate. Decision is really yours.

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I run a v13 plate on M777's and find it fairly easy to ski on, aside from the weight.
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I was running a couple of pairs of Speedlock races last year and plan on using some again this year too. Love the system.
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why don't you ask Vist ?: (English menu available)

http://www.vist.it/contattaci.dhtml?...e46 76d0eefb7
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